S4E2 - Any Game Will Do

Sometimes a bunch of pals just want to sit around an L-shaped desk with microphones in their face and cameras over their shoulders to talk about whatever games they like.

Edited by Aaron Spadaro

S4E1 - Super Nintendo Schmuper Schmintendo

It's our first episode of the year and David's already making his first guest appearance! We travel with him into the past to explore our personal experiences with the Super Nintendo!

S3E20 - Season in Review?

Me-oh-my is it that time of the year already? In any case, Lucas, Matt, and Kevin attempt to sit down and talk about the past year's batch of episodes, but things get a little off the rails. Enjoy!

S3E19 - Civilization: Beyond Earth

Pack your bags fellow astronauts, it's time we went Beyond Earth, to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate!

Combined Score: 8/10

S3E18 - Wasteland 2

It's been a few weeks, but we're back, and this time with a new game! Kevin comes by to dish out his thoughts on Wasteland 2, the long awaited sequel to the game that ended up spawning the Fallout series. Grab your survival gear, it's time to enter the wastes! 

S3E16 - Nostalgiacast - Dave's Gaming History Part 2

Dave's back to spin us another tale of gaming days long since past. Listen to his story of a young boy caught deep in the adventures of the NES. 

S3E15 - So Many Me

There's so many me this episode! Which me is up for debate, but don't let that distract you from this games quirky premise and fun puzzles. 

Topic Discussed: The continued existence of Ouya.

Combined Score: 7/10

Videocast to come.

S3E14 - Nostalgiacast - Multiplayer Memories

Let's take a long winding walk into the memories of our two Jellyhosts. Matt and Lucas dig deep to resurrect what kind of comradery there was to be had in the early days of video gaming, and their shared experience with a much beloved game. Remember along with us!

Topic Discussed: Pokemon bootlegs of yesteryear. 

S3E13 - Wolfenstein: The New Order

Lucas and Kevin discuss killing some Nazis in the new Wolfenstein: The New Order. They laugh, they cry, they discuss the finer differences between blimps and dirigeables! Don't miss out on this episode, or Hitler might win! 

Topic Discussed: Blimps, EA's destruction of absorbed companies, and the re-release of the Halo trilogy for the Xbox One. 

Combined Score: 8/10

Sorry, but no videocast for this episode Jellyheads. A technical hurdle has prevented us from recording one. :(

S3E12 - Shovel Knight

Blast across the 8-bit lanscape with shovel in hand as you vanquish countless foes to get to your shield weilding partner! Kevin and Lucas sit down to discuss Shovel Knight, with a few grumblings in the background from Dave. Enjoy!

Topic Discussed: Cyclops from Marvel's X-Men for some reason.

Combined Score: 10/10

Enjoy the videocast!