S5E1 - Games for the Working Stiff

Right on back to our regular scheduled program! The first episode of the year comes on at ya, with Lucas Cotterell joining on as a permanent host! If you're like us, you have responsibilities outside your hobbies, so it's nice to find a quick game you're able to fit into your daily routine. Let us share a few that we've found.

Show Notes: TAS video Lucas C. mentions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpk2tdsPh0A

S4E11 - Year In Review

Kevin and Lucas are back! After a long hiatus due to the latest big Psycho Jellyfish project, our heroes share with you their thoughts on a year that has been. Enjoy!

S4E10 - Top Ten with Evan

Evan highjacks Last Coin to try out his idea for a show. It's Top Ten with Evan, and as is our form, we review our Top Ten favorite videos games. 

S4E9 - E3 Impressions

On Matt's last official Last Coin episode we cover the myriad of material announced at this year's E3. Joining us again is Dave and the other Luke!

S4E8 - Fallout Future

War never changes folks, but video games sequels almost always do, and that's why were here. Bringing to your ears an indepth discussion on the announcement of Fallout 4, our hopes and dreams for its future, and what we learned after Bathesda's E3 press conference. 

Edited by David Halstead

S4E7 - Level Up!

A double guest special this week! Evan and Dave come on the show to join Luke and Kevin to discuss the complexities of leveling systems and how accessible games are today compared to yesteryear. 

Edited by David Halstead

S4E6 - Early Access and You

Early access games? Are they a benefit or a hindrance? A beacon of hope for indie developers, or a an easy way to pray on the consumer? We try to figure that out!

Edited by Aaron Spadaro

S4E5 - Games As Art

Lucas, Luke, Matt, and Dave delve into the debate of games as art, artisitc games, what makes a game artistic, and how games have a very unique way of telling stories unmatched by other mediums. Enjoy! 

Edited by Aaron Spadaro

S4E4 - Open Worlds

There's a lot to conquer out there, with many quests and trials to complete. You take your band of merry men, and set out into open worlds.

Edited by Aaron Spadaro

S4E3 - Horror Games

Sometimes you think you're going to sit down for one topic, but then you change it before you do, and then you just fall back on your original idea anyway. Horror games folks! They be SCARY! Or not? Kevin and Dave has some strong opinions about that. 

Edited by Aaron Spadaro