S5E11 - Josh From Boise Power Hour

Josh from Boise hits up the Last coin crew with all the questions he's been burning to ask our hosts. Rapid fire, one after the other, they answer them all!

Spotlight games of the week: Dark Souls III / Elite Dangerous

S5E10 - Contact High

The future is here, it has arrived, the vision of tomorrow is now! The first serious and effective attempts at virtual reality have been made available to the public and our hosts are certain that things will be changing very soon and very fast. What will the effects of virtual reality and augmented reality have on our society?

Spotlight games of the week: Worms / Hyper Speed Drifter

S5E9 - Tactical Failure

During the late '90s and early 2000s, RTS (real time strategy) games reigned supreme over the strategy genre. Now they appear to be a relic of their former selves, with barely a notable game to show, and lasting legacies like Star Craft even appearing to wane. What could be the cause of this downturn? We discuss! Plus interruptions from your household pests! Enjoy!

Spotlight games of the week: Stardew / Life is Strange

S5E8 - Roll Them Bones

RNGs (random number generators) are an important part of many games, and without them you know how everything will turn out before you even get there. They contribute to the organic feeling of a game and force you to decide on the trade-offs of your choices. This week we go all in discussing effects of RNGs and their important position in gaming.

Spotlight games of the week: Factorio / SpeedRunners

S5E7 - First One's Free

Some games are addicting, while others are compelling. What's the line that seperates that divide? These three dudes think they know what's up.

Spotlight games of the week: Space Engineers / Firewatch

S5E6 - Gussy Up That Game

It's vitally important that a game has a seemless and easy to use interface. A bad interface can often be a blockade to what could have been a wonderful game. We take to task a few games that do it wrong, a few that do it right, and some with a wonderful UI that hides a turd underneath.

Spotlight Games of the Week: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes / Amplitude

S5E5 - Stay Awhile, and Listen

We on Last Coin are a bit obsessed when it comes to story, and this week is no different. We get in depth on the nerrative structure of games.

Spotlight Games of the Week: Superhot / Wasteland II - Director's Cut

S5E4 - Holler for the Dollar!

For a long time the indie gaming world rode a wave of success in part thanks to a policy of getting their material out there for a cheap price. But as the glut of indie games have ballooned, the financial success of low price points has not proven to be a sustainable model. Now developers are pushing back and charging more for what the public has percieved as something they deserve for less. Should indie games forever remain cheap, or do you think the developers have a just as much a right to charge more? Let's discuss!

Spotlight Games of the Week: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter / A Story About Uncle

S5E3 - Witness Me!

Have you ever been frustrated by the learning structure of a game? Ever feel it was moving too fast, too slow, or unintuitive? Through the initial lens of the recently released The Witness, our hosts get into what really makes a game accessable.

Spotlight Games of the Week: Rebel Galaxy / Tabletop Simulator

S5E2 - Digital Object Permanence

Things get a little philosophical when this week's discussion dives into the realm of digital ownership and the permanence of those digital objects. The biggest example being the Hearthstone transition to a Magic: The Gathering based system of nullifying cards. Should people have a right to get upset when their digital bought goods become useless, or does it parallel ownership in the physical world. Lend us your ear!

Spotlight Games of the Week: Mount Your Friends / Duelyst