S5E21 - No Man's Sky

Kevin's still away, but Luke and Luc continue to make content! Enjoy our discussion of the various failures and successes of No Man's Sky. Adapted from our video discussion on our YouTube Channel.

Spotlight games of the week: None this episode. Sorry Jellyheads.

Videosode below for those that want to see our handsome faces:

S5E20 - We Have to Go Back!

It's our last episode for the next two months as Kevin takes a hiatus until September. In the mean time we'll be making some fun content for you all over at our YouTube channel. But that's besides the point! This week we dicuss the wide open world of wide open worlds. You know, all those survival games they've got out there.

Spotlight games of the week: Inside / Captain Forever Remix

S5E19 - So Fetch

What is that strange phenomenon where certain games will stick around forever and others will fade away within weeks regardless of quality? We try to figure that out!

Spotlight games of the week: Limbo / Overwatch

S5E18 - E3 Recap 2016

It's that time of year Jellyheads! The annual Mecca of gaming the Electronic Entertainment Expo began this week and we're here to discuss what they've revealed to the masses. It's all news this week!

Spotlight games of the week: Steam World Heist / Witch 3: Heart of Stone

S5E17 - Be Witched

It's been a while since we've talked about a specific game, but we've all had Witcher fever lately, and with a new expansion out it sounded like the perfect time to discuss this epically expansive game. 

Spotlight games of the week: Path of Exile / Mirror's Edge: Catalyst 

S5E16 - Dead on Arrival

Sometimes history gives us a game that was never finished, and we fantasize about what it could've been. But then sometimes they do get finished and it wasn't at all what we were expecting. This episode we discuss cames that promised so much, but delivered so little. 

Spotlight games of the week: Eldritch Doom

S5E15 - Going Rogue

In the early days a game called Rogue rose from the RPG genre to plant it's flag and declare it's own plot of land. Since then it's generated the subgenre known as Roguelike characterized by procedurally generated levels, permananet death of the character, and dungion crawl style. It's proven to be a cheap and easy way for indie developers to break into the scene which has led to a glut of them on the market. And we're here to talk about them!

Spotlight games of the week: Doom Hearthstone (Fireside Gathering Event). 

S5E14 - Titillating Trailblazers

There are tales of great legends passed down from gamer to gamer. This week we gather around the campfire to share with you three titans that conquered the pixelated landscape we call home. Come closer as we tell you about Tim Sweeney, Rob Pardo, and Casey Hudson.

"He's a cool guy." - Lucas

Spotlight games of the week: Offworld Trading Company / Left 4 Dead 2

S5E13 - Out of Body Experience

This week we delve into empathy and guilt, how that relates to the type of game your playing whether it be first person or third person, and how games are a unique medium that allows the user to personally feel the emotions of a story since you're controlling much of the outcome. 

Spotlight games of the week: Flotilla / Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

S5E12 - In Like A Yeti Out Like A Wisp: Hearthstone Balance Changes

The first major balance change has happened to Hearthstone since it's beta, and Luc and Kevin are eager to discuss it! We go deep in this one Jellyheads.

Spotlight games of the week: Cities: Skylines / Drawful