S6E8 - Homyk Smash

We reconnect with an old friend and up and coming Twitch streamer, Homyk Smash! Memories, laughter, and a probing look into the life of a streamer.

Find Chris at www.twitch.com/homyk_smash or at www.twitter.com/homyksmash.

Spotlight games of the week: None this week.

S6E7 - Living in a Post Zelda Society


Spotlight games of the week: Zelda, it's all Zelda.

S6E6 - Ring Around the Warsy

Halo Wars 2 came out, so we delve for a bit into the world of RTS games, their current state, and how conveluted the Halo plot has become.

Spotlight games of the week: Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic / Halo Wars 2

S6E05 - Mooosaic

Moove along with us as we remoomber everything we played this week. Mooby we can stay on track long enough to mooke some points worth moontioning.

Spotlight games of the week: The Swapper / Frog Fractions II / For Honor Beta / Money Seas / Path of Exile

S6E4 - Progress in Progression

It's time to do away with leveling up! There's got to be a better way to increase challenge and chart player progression, and our hosts are here to answer that!

Guest host: Dave!

Spotlight games of the week: Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator / Crush Your Enemies / Resident Evil 7

S6E3 - Hustle and Bustle Don't Mean to Tustle

A little bit of a squirrely episode as topics meander all over the place. You wanna talk about the Switch, we got the Switch. You wanna talk about Star Wars, we got Star Wars! You wanna talk about Magic, we got Magic! There's a little something for everybody!

Spotlight games of the week: The Walking Dead - The New Frontier / Jaipur

S6E2 - Year in Review

It's been quite a year, but with so much to talk about let's just sit back and think about what we've done.

Spotlight games of the week: None this week.

S6E1 - Cooked to Perfection

Kevin's sick, so we have a guest host! Thanks, Julie, for joining us again! This week we're discussing games that took just a littile longer than others to come around, mainly The Last Guardian.

Games of the Week: Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Plus / Grow Up / Rocket Robot on Wheels / H1Z1: King of the Kill

S5E33 - Last Coin of the Year

It's that time to give our last coin of the year! This episode Luc discusses with the others what its like to be a late Xbox One convert. Enjoy!

Spotlight games of the week: Life is Strange / Rise of the Tomb Raider / Astroneer

S5E32 - Pokemon: Sun and Moon

When Pokemon Sun and Moon came crashing to our DSs we knew it was time to bring out our resident master! Welcome Julie! Queen of all Pokemon!

Spotlight games of the week: None this week.

Videosode below for those that want to see our handsome faces: