S2E2 - Pirate 101

YAR! Set sails for the skies and become a pirate like your hosts! There be plenty o' treasure in them floating islands, so gather a crew and get to diggin'! What's that? You don't know how to be a pirate!? Then perhaps it be time to take Pirate 101

S2E1 - Metro 2033

Follow us under the earth as we explore the tunnels that lead to Metro 2033! This apocalyptic wasteland presents a few hidden treasures, but is it enough to give this game a positive rating? Find out on the first episode of Last Coin Season 2!

S1E14 - Season In Review

It's the end of the year Jellyheads, and that means a look back at all the horrible games our three hosts have had to play. Lucas, Kaye, and Matt take a trip inside the squishy confines of their memory to share with each other their most tolerated, most hated, and most strange experiences from this past season.  

S1E13 - Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing

Lucas, Matt and Kaye delve into the final chapter of their investigation into Conspiracy Entertainment with Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broom Racing. Will they survive the last installment, or will these games take their toll on the team?

S1E12 - Myth Makers: Super Kart GP

The conspiracy grows ever darker as Kaye and Lucas review the Data Design/Conspiracy Entertainment monster, Myth Makers: Super Kart GP. Danger lurks around everyone corner of this track leaving you whimpering and crying in the corner for the good old days of Mario Kart 64 and Crash Team Racing. Will our hosts make it to the end of their investigation? Stay tuned to find out!

S1E11 - Anubis II

The expedition into Conspiracy Entertainment's nightmare worlds of torture-tainment has landed the team in a desert devoid of any quality or originality. Meet Anubis II (pronounced "the second"), colloquially known as "Ninjabread Man in Ancient Egypt."

S1E10 - Ninjabread Man

The team launches an investigation into Conspiracy Entertainment, a game publisher wanted for their alleged atrocities committed against gamers with their abysmal portfolio. The team begins with Ninjabread Man, a happy-go-lucky game at first glance, but beneath the surface of floating cookies, jelly monsters and dough-jos lies a monster waiting to be exposed.

S1E9 - Wizard 101

Magic is everywhere, so let's enroll in the largest magic education program in the world, Wizard 101! But beware young pupils, the land be fraught with danger! Like repetitive combat, credit card purchases, and people way to young for you to be associating with.

S1E8 - BlowOut

After encountering some preposterous boxart, Matt and Luke investigated the generic horrors of BlowOut, a sci-fi shooter set in a place and time you've probably already seen some version of. Their findings were shocking, and those disturbed by starfish alien body slams and butt lasers should take caution while listening.

S1E7 - We Think Stuff

Strap a controller to your brain and start playing the games Kaye and Lucas wished existed, as well as those they wish were made right, and those soon to come.