S2E12 - Slender: The Eight Pages

Who can take a forest, Sprinkle it with notes, Cover it fog and stalk you through the night?

The Slender Maaaaaan! The Slender Man can!

The Slender Man can because he mixes it with jumps to freak the shit out of you!

S2E11 - Ouya First Impressions

Fire up your speakers and listen in on this special Ouya-centric episode of Last Coin at the Arcade! Matt and Lucas finally get their hands on their long-awaited Ouya consoles and take them for a spin. Will the open-source, indie-heavy wonderland be everything they hoped and dreamed for!? OUYA!

S2E10 - Infinite Undiscovery

Have you ever wondered what it really means to infinitely undiscover something? Well, Matt Buckley takes a stab at figuring out just that in our final review in the Last Coin JRPG trilogy. Many confused thoughts are shared by all as our hosts try to grasp how this game's world can even exist. 

S2E9 - The Last Remnant

Who or what is the last remnant? Could it be that way too young leader of that one town you can't seem to keep away from, or maybe it's that weird effeminate super villain who wants to take away all the cool magic stuff, or maybe it's you? Find out and more in this fast talking episode of Last Coin at the Arcade!

S2E8 - Wild Arms 3

And so our 3 part JRPG review extravaganza begins! Kaye sits down with Lucas and Matt to discuss her thoughts on the JRPG Wild Arms 3. A seamingly ordinary JRPG on the surface, but with a strange and down right weird storyline underneath. And as you have requested, more background Bubba. 

S2E7 - Amnesia and Jiggle Physics

The crew prepares for their next big adventure. Each taking on a different Japanese Role Playing Game to review for the show. They start things off by dropping a little wisdom about the genre and its troopes. Also boob giggles. Enjoy!

S2E6 - Billy II: Son of Billy the Wizard Rocket Broomstick Racing

Join us for the start of April with this sequel to the most infamous Last Coin game reviewed. Billy the Wizard has gone into hiding, and it's up to his son Billy II to regain his father's honor. Joined by his friends Keepsake the golem and Florida the mage, Billy II competes in fast paced racing adventures that are sure to please generations of gamers alike. 

S2E5 - SPOGS Racing

Hey Jellyheads! We're back with another insightful game review! This week our daring players race on down the track in their transparent monocycles through one of the most underwhelming racing titles imaginable. This game promises unparalleled excitement, does it live up to its own hype? No, of course it doesn't! What show did you think you were listening to?

S2E4 - Genericon

Hey Jellyheads! Katherine and Lucas are back to share with you their recent experience at the science fiction and gaming convention Genericon! The two discuss costumes, panels, and yes, even some very terrible games. Would it be a Last Coin episode without mentioning bad games? Enjoy! 

S2E3 - Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

Hop into these 18 wheels of pure unadulterated trucking fun as we clip through buildings and pass through bridges at a breakneck 80 miles per hour! The cops are supposedly after you, but don't worry, these towns are inhabited by no one, and your competition is about as fierce as a drugged up snail. You're winner as the old saying goes! It's Big Rigs: Over the Road Trucking!