S3E1 - Glitches

If you're a gamer, you've experienced them! Who of us haven't? They're glitches, and Lucas and Matt along with their good friend Bubba are here to share their experience with this universal gaming phenomenon. 

S2E21 - Season in Review

It's the last episode of the year and that means it's time to reflect on what we liked, what we hated, and how we can improve. Join Matt and Lucas as they reminisce. 

S2E20 - Xbox One with Matt


Matt finally got his hands on an Xbox One console! Listen in as he gives his first impressions and Lucas learns whether or not it's worth the money.

S2E19 - PS4 vs Xbox One

One of the toughest decision of our thumb twiddling generation get batted back and forth by impassioned system stalwarts. Can either of them convince the muddled, undecided gamer to support their console, or will it all end in a high-definition rendering of glossy blood? 

S2E18 - The Stanley Parable

Let Lucas and Kevin melt your mind with their talk of the brain jarring multi-linear choice driven narrative known as The Stanley Parable. You just may want to experience the reality warping world for yourself. Enjoy!

S2E17 - Superman (N64)

Lucas and Matt suffer through Billy the Wizard flashbacks as they awkwardly handle Superman's inept controls in this 1999 N64 bad video game classic. Listen as they try to deconstruct the conversations that must have gone on behind doors to create such an abomination. 


The Ouya odyssey continues with CLARK, a game about a little robot on a big adventure. Poor CLARK just wants to keep his facility in order (and maybe get to know the beautiful missile, Clara), but his path is blocked by.. blocks! And lasers! And... Butt? See what Matt and Lucas make of all this zaniness!

Host Notes: We want to apologize for the terrible audio quality of this episode. Mistakes were made, and we look to keep them from happening again. 

S2E15 - Matt, Bubba, and Halo 4

When Lucas is away Halo they will play. Put on your football helmet, check for your jetpack, and don't look down. Enjoy!

S2E14 - Robopon

Take a trip down a twisted memory lane and try not to overdose on nostalgia! Imagine your favorite world full of lovable creatures carbon copied in every way, but suspiciously lacking the whimsy and logic. Find out if this game is a well-oiled machine or if it belongs in the scrapyard!

S2E13 - Democracy 2

Step up to the ballot box and make your  choice. Your country is in sorry shape, and there's only one who can fix it. Problem is, no matter what he does, everyone hates him. That's democracy for ya!