S3E11 - Nostalgiacast - Dave's Gaming History Part 1

It's been a long enough wait! Matt and Lucas finally return to prattle on about the wonderful world of video games. This time Dave joins them to discuss a little bit about his gaming history. Enjoy!

S2E10 - Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters

It's Godzilla!! Dave, Luke, Matt, and Bubba all jump into the arena together as they duke it out with the monsters of the Godzilla universe. Also, lots of Godzilla talk in general. 

Topic Discussed: Godzilla! Godzilla! Godzilla!

Averaged Score: 7/10

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S3E9 - Gone Home

Lucas is joined by guest host David Halstead to delve deep into the interactive story of Gone Home; a game that combines an eerie atmosphere and an engrossing story to take advantage of video games' ability to explore compelling narratives in a way most forms of media can't. 

Topic Discussed: The Art of Story Telling in Games

Combined Score: 10/10

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S3E8 - FTL: Advanced Edition

Fire up the engines and charge the shields, it's time to make a jump! This week Kevin and Lucas discuss battle plans as they go over FTL: Advanced Edition

Topic Discussed: Mourning the death of the Command & Conquer franchise. 

Combined Score: 10/10

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S3E7 - Goat Simulator

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were a goat? Well, wonder no longer for our adventurous hosts Kevin and Lucas took it to task to answer that very same question in, Goat Simulator!

Topic Discussed: What was it about Titanfall? And physics games.

Combined Score: 4/10

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S3E6 - Titanfall

A triple treat this episode as each Last Coin host gives their impressions of a fresh take on FPS gaming by Respawn Entertainment. Prepare for Titanfall

Topic discussed: The consequences and risks of Kickstarter gaming projects.

Averaged Score: 9/10

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S3E5 - The Floor Is Jelly

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like if the world around you was made of jelly. If you could just bounce across any surface and make it jiggle? To rebound to any target you so desired? Well, your wait is over. 

Topic discussed: The Ouya Everywhere initiative. 

Combined Score: 9/10 (revised)

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S3E4 - Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Never has the everyday mundane tasks of normal human life been executed with such imprecise grace. Join Lucas and Kevin as they chart a course across the life of an unassuming octopus just trying to live life as a regular old octodad.

Topic discussed: The shrinking of Irrational Games. 

Combined Score: 7/10

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S3E3 - Soul Fjord

It's time for SOUL FJORD! A 1970's funk Norse mythology fusion dungeon crawl adventure rhythm game! Need I say more?

Combined Score: 6/10

S3E2 - Broken Age Act 1

It's a Double Fine evening as Lucas and new Last Coin host Kevin delve deep into the kickstarter financed point and click adventure from Tim Schafer, Broken Age Act 1

Combined Score: 8/10