S7E6 - No Meanies Please

Spotlight games of the week: Splatoon 2 / Enter the Gungeon / Dead Cells

Really good discussions this episodes jellyheads. We get real deep on social interactions in video games, and then Luc and Kevin get into a two sided debate over a particular game.

S7E5 - There's Something Here

Spotlight games of the week: A Way Out / LA Noir

Sometimes you play a game and see all it's potential, but just leave wishing it had taken advantage of it. Dave joins us to chat about just that thing. With some dating sim talk on the side.

S7E4 - Them's Fightin' Nerds

Spotlight games of the week: Them's Fightin' Herds / Into the Breach / Digimon World: Next Order

There's been some tomfoolery in the highstakes world of topscore triumphs as once great champions have been caught to be but mere mortals corrupted by the desires of fame and fortune. Why would one fake their highscore wins in the most classic of classic arcade games? We discuss!

Art by Julie Cotterell

S7E3 - Spy the Slayer

Spotlight games of the week: Kingdom Come: Deliverance / Slay the Spire / What Remains of Edith Finch / Kentucky Route 0.

What you see is what you get today! We spend most of the episode delving into the various spotlight games we got this week, especially What Remains of Edith Finch (now that Luke has finished it) and Kentucky Route 0 (now that Luc has begun it). Enjoy!

S7E2 - No Getting Off This Ride

Spotlight games of the week: Planet Coaster / Night in the Woods / Kentycky Route Zero

Prepare to be subsumed by an intensive introspection of Eternal's extensive agglomeration of cards and Counter Strike's cutthroat do-or-die diverstisements before we make mosey to a subdued consultation of constructing coasters and novel narratives.


S7E1 - Games We Want to Like

Spotlight games of the week: A Story About Uncle / Factorio / SpaceChem / Avorion / Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Have you ever had a game you really wanted to like, but just could never get into? Tell us about them while we list off the ones we had trouble with!

S6E32 - The Silver Coin Awards!

Spotlight games of the week: Cuphead / Eternal Card Game / Splatoon 2 / Mario Odyssey / Assassin's Creed Origins / ARMS / Night in the Woods / Breath of the Wild / Player Uknown's: Battlegrounds / Opus Magnum / Battlefront II / Mass Effect: Andromeda / What Remains of Edith Finch / Divinity II / Hollow Knight / Sonic Mania

Now that the year has wrapped up it's time to do our annual look back, but this time we're shaking it up and introducing our Silver Coin Awards and we discuss some pretty dang good games this year.

S6E31 - Where's He Been?

Spotlight game of the week: Horizon Zero Dawn / Uncharted Games / Guitar Hero Live

We've finally got Luc back and he's got pinball and Guitar Hero on the brain! Meanwhile, Kevin's picked himself up a PS4 and can't wait to share what he's been playing on it.

S6E30 - Apples and Oranges: The Folly of Loot Boxes

Spotlight games of the week: Civilization VI

It's time to get topical and discuss a money making strategy that has triggered what may be the final straw for gamers of all stripes. But on a lighter not, did you know the submarine was invented before the sandwich?

S6E29 - Super Mario Odyssey

Spotlight games of the week: Super Smash Brothers / Mario 64 / Mario Kart 64 / Sonic (everything)

Game news: Battlefront II controversy.

A hero has returned to our great lands! Former co-host Matt Buckley makes a comeback to jump in on our Super Mario Odyssey discussion, while Julie arrives to fill in for our wayward Luc.