S7E16 - Buy Every Game

A lot of games came out, we had a lot to say, most notably the slow motion wreck that was Fallout 76!

Spotlight games of the week: None this week.

S7E15 - Virtual Cowboy

Spotlight games of the week: Banjo and Kazooie / Red Dead Redemption 2 / Deltarune / Diablo III

YEEEEEHAAAAA! Let's ride on boys and girls! Time to talk pony and dig dirt in the pixelated playgrounds of our dreams.

S7E14 - Five Horizons

Spotlight games of the week: GTA V / Red Dead Redemption / Assassin's Creed Odyssey / Skyrim / Fallout/ Witcher III / Watch Dogs / Breath of the Wild

Now that Red Dead Redeption 2 is upon us let us discuss to great extent where open world games are at in this day and age.

S7E13 - Isabell-Spider-man Hunter

Spotlight games of the week: Monster Hunter World / Spider-man

We get a guest apperance by good Julie friend, Dan, and spill our guts over a myriad of Nintendo announcements.

S7E12 - Bounce Off Me

Spotlight games of the week: Hallow Knight /Path of Exile / Monster Hunter World

Lucas fills us in a little on the what's new from GenCon while Julie gets excited for Super Smash Brothers Direct!

S7E11 - Non-Conautical

Spotlight games of the week: Chronotrigger / Octopath Traveler / A Hat in Time / Splatoon 2

There's really nothing to do with nautical things this episode except for maybe Splatoon? But the title bothered Julie so much we went with it.

S7E10 - Show Me the Cyber Way

Spotlight game of the week: none this week

David swings by the show to share with us his vast knowledge of cyberpunk and layout his thoughts on the reveal of CD Project's upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

S7E9 - Welcome the Julie

Spotlight games of the week: Pokemon Quest / Moonlighter

It's time to officially welcome to the team our newest member! Julie has now joined the Last Coin crew and what would a Juliecast be without a little pokemon.

S7E8 - E3 2018

Here we are again at another E3! Luke, Luc, and new host Julie discuss all the fund little things that got announced this past week. Enjoy!

S7E7 - Virtual Realitude

Spotlight games of the week: Rayman Legends / Rabbids Kingdom Battle / Frostpunk / VRChat

It's been about a year since our last assessment of the VR scene and now Luke has his own set. We chat about his experience diving into the cyber-realm.