Emergency Time Traveling Drive-Thru Phallus

You thought we were finished?! Think again! Matt Buckley pops by the studio to do a bonus Flapdoodle for the fans. A mountain gains a giant wooden member, someone thinks the president can save them from their lawless ways, Matt tests Luke on some time travel tales, and a couple drive-thru burglers bungle through the window.

Flapdoodle Finale

It was bound to happen eventually, but Flapdoodle has come to an end. This the last official episode of Flapdoodle Forum. There might be some occasional flaps in the future, but alas, here we are. This week we bring to you a tale of reverse engineered dinosaurs (with lots of Jurassic Park talk) and the mysteries of the Mayan's fall revealed. 

Edited by David Halstead

Bee Particles

CERN camp! Where every kid's scientific dreams comes true! Answering questions like, will reality continue to exist if we stop looking at it? Or, just how well can a bee's brain pilot a drone

Other mentions: Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Bob's BurgersCERN, Ghosts of AmericaMix and Master

Edited by David Halstead

Moon of Frozen Heads

When the dust on the moon settles we will look to the stars and remember the time we spent on that iceberg before it became necessary to remove our heads

Other Mentions: Star Wars, Alien Life, Moon Base, Creepy Medical  Experiments, Growing Organs, Cryonics, and IQ Tests.

Edited by David Halstead

Giant Plant Slug from Mars

Did you know there's a slug out there that steals chloroplast from plants and uses it to synthesize? Or that we've received some strange radio bursts from space? Neither did we.  

Other Mentions: Getting to mars, Lucas’s mom’s ghost tails, eating things to gain their powers, Josh Gates, and Bizarre States.

Edited by Aaron Spadaro 

Prank Calls from the Otherside

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, a spirit phone! Be careful about picking that up though, it might implant false memories

Other Mentions: Lucas hears weird noises, waking nightmares, alien abduction, Hitler insults Dave, Ghosts of America.

Edited by Aaron Spadaro.

Bionic Baby Legs

Ready, set, GO! Race the lab grown bionic limbed baby as it rockets away at 45 mph, leaving you and all humanity in its dust. Don't be too sad, perhaps Canada's ghosts will take pity on you. 

Other Mentions: The Flapdoodle conspiracy message, running too damn fast, designer babies, Gattica, and P. T. Barnum.

Edited by Aaron Spadaro

Phantom of the Pancreas

Phantom particles of life in the sky, and man made organs on the ground. Will these two factions coexist in peace? Or will there be war?

Other Mentions: Ghosts of America

Edited by Aaron Spadaro

Internet Nukes

There comes a time and place when one may need to ask themselves "am I worthy enough to hold the key to the Internet? And if not, will someone else get the bomb? "

Other mentions: Ghosts of America

Edited by Aaron Spadaro

Conspire With A Spirit

We bring on more of the spooky as Lucas reads out a few local ghostly stories and Matt shares a list of dubious conspiracy theories

Other Mentions: Bizarre States, Josh Gates. 

Edited by Aaron Spadaro