With special guest: Evan Jones!

We kick off our first passion review of the year with a film near and dear to actor Evan Jone's heart, Magnolia. A star studded cast of characters dealing with one tear inducing ordeal after another until all that's left to say is "this happens." Ribbit. Enjoy!

What We Do In The Shadows

We all know what it can be like to live with people, but what's it like to be living dead with people? Turns out, not all that different. This is the hilarious vampire mockumentary, What We Do In The Shadows!

This Week's Topic: Comedic Realism Meets The Supernatural!

Next Week: Special Discussion For The Force Awakens and The Hateful Eight!

2015 In Review!

Looking back on another year of podcasting, a year where so many changes took place, and discussing how we plan to apply what we've learned to our future endeavors. Also taking an overview at the year in movies and our personal experiences at the theaters. It's been a big year, let's give it a proper send off.

Thank you to all our friends, guests, and listeners who make this possible!


Next Week: What We Do In The Shadows!

The Black Hole

Light years away from logic. A journey that begins where your attention span ends. Not even gravity can escape its baffling ending. Parental Guidence is suggested. It's Disney's The Black Hole!

This Week's Topic: Outdated Upon Release!

References To Past Shows: The Phantom From 10000 Leagues / Embryo / How Awful About Alan / Laser Mission

Anthony Perkins unintentionally hilarious death scene!

See Trailer HERE!

Next Week: 2015 In Review!

The Star Wars Holiday Special

A long time ago in a galaxy far outside of continuity... 



Following the events of A New Hope, Han Solo and Chewbacca travel to the empire occupied 

wookie homeworld to meet up with Chewbacca's family for the celebration of "Life Day". Originally

aired on CBS as a Chistmas Special to fulfill fan hunger for more Star Wars content, but with limited

creative imput from George Lucas, it became a half improvised series of disconnected segments.

Unfortunate, laughable, and largely inexplicable, it stands as an example of a time before The Empire

Strikes Back established a connected universe, when any number of random things were thrown together

to make it look otherworldly and spacey. Movie explorers wondering what value might lie in uncovering

this epic misadventure may find enlightenment here! Listen in...

This Week's Topic: Cannon, Legend, And Confusion In A Connected Universe!

References To Past Shows: Heavy Metal / Battle Beyond The Stars / Star Odyssey / Turkish Star Wars

See this silly special HERE and the animated segment HERE!

Next Week: The Black Hole!

Turkish Star Wars

Sometime you watch a movie and think, "I swear I've seen that footage somewhere before?" or "Haven't I heard this score in something else?" Yes, the movie world has a long and interesting history reusing elements from other films. Sometimes great care is taken to mask these element so the audience doesn't notice, but then there are those special few who don't seem to care at all. With The Force Awakens just on the horizon we felt it was time to return to a So-Bad-It's-Good movie which brazen takes from the biggest movies of all time. An obscure, low-budget classic known as Turkish Star Wars

This Week's Topic: Be Imaginative, But Don't Rely On Imagination!

References To Past Shows: Salvaging The Star Wars Prequels / Dungeons and Dragons / Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet/Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women / Plan 9 From Outer Space / The Room / Terror At The Red Wolf Inn / Idaho Transfer /Atomic Rulers Of The World / Embryo

Ckeck out the filmmusic trailer HERE and find the whole movie subtitled HERE!

Next Week: The Star Wars Holiday Special!

The Great Silence

With Special Guest: Matt Allegretti!

Perhaps you've often heard tell of 1000 ways to die in the west? It's fair to say that most of those ways are unpleasant, and you can let your morbid imaginations run wild a bunch there. If you think about it though, one of them has got to be the worst way to go. A death so harsh, so unforgiving, they would have to call it something like... The Great Silence!

This Week's Topic: When Genre Goes Against Expectations

References To Our Past Shows: Salvaging the Star Wars Prequels

Next Week: Turkish Star Wars!

The River's Edge

Look Out Jellyheads! A western crashes into a gangster film in this low budget thiller from the 1950s. This morally ambigous tale has more twists and turns than we could have ever anticipated, but it all ends at... The River's Edge!

This Week's Topic: How The Western Changed Through The Ages!

Rederences To Past Shows: Creepshow


With Special Guest: Sarah Hartman!

You box up your Halloween decorations for the year, safely storing them away under the stairs. What you didn't know is they're not ready for Halloween to end. They're still hungry. They want a few more bites of horror, and they've just got a ticket to Creepshow!

This Week's Topic: Death By Rubber Monster!

References To Past Shows: Alien Zone / Nosferatu / Salvaging the Star Wars Prequels / Happy Hollywood Halloween

Next Week: The River's Edge!

Happy Hollywood Halloween!

Sit back with some fun sized candies as our horrid hosts share personal stories and discuss how much movies, and the characters they bring to life, have become such a big part of celebrating Halloween! Share your own favorite Halloween stories in the comments and, if you want, we just might record a special episode reading them! 

This Week's Topic: How the Movies Inform the Holiday and Our Traditions!

References To Past Reviews: I Don't Care I Love That Movie / Salvaging the Star Wars PrequelsHaunted Hayrides and Cinematic Scares /  Santa Claus Conquers the Martians / The Serpent and the Rainbow / Night of the Living Dead / Atomic Rulers of the World

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