La Grande Illusion

With Special Guest: Colleen Lovett

Prisoner of war camps during The Great War are the backdrop to showcase European social values in the early 20th century. They must escape, but what will they be escaping to? Perhaps it is all La Grande Illusion!

This Week's Topic: It's Really Not About The War

References To Past Shows: Once Upon a Time in the West / Warriors of the Wasteland / Inglourious Basterds

Next Week: Planet of the Vampires!

Rumble in the Bronx

A Hong Kong film made in Canada starring the master of action comedy, Jackie Chan! Punches need no translation here, and before you know it you'll be yelling Uncle! Get ready to Rumble in the Bronx!

This Week's Topic: Was I Old Enough To See This?

References To Past Shows: Inglourious Basterds / Ong-Bak / Ip Man

Every Frame a Painting: Jackie Chan - How To Do Action Comedy & Vancouver Never Plays Itself

Next Week: La Grande Illusion!

Leprechaun 2

With Special Guest Host: Lucas Cotterell

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Jellyheads! Last year Lucas Ctterell joined us as a guest to discuss the original Leprechaun, now he joins us this year as an official Psychojellyfisher for Leprechaun 2! Here's to traditions new and old my friends. Enjoy!

This Week's Topic: The Magic of Offensively Bad Scripting!

References To Past Shows: Leprechaun / Carnosaur / Sharktopus / Dungeons & Dragons

Key & Peele Gremlins 2 Sketch

Next Week: Rumble in the Bronx!

Galaxy Quest

In space anything is possible, but that's beside the point. This "Out There" comedy may not have struck home in theaters, but it never gave up and never surrendered and lived on to be considered one of the best Star Trek movies! It's Galaxy Quest!

This Week's Topic: Conventions of Parody!

References To Past Shows: Shaun of the Dead / The Star Wars Holiday Special / Labyrinth / Leprechaun

Next Week: Leprechaun 2!

Once Upon a Time in the West

With Special Guest Matt Allegretti!

A dusty wind blows. The trains late, but it'll be here soon. Three armed men wait in silence. When the train arrives no one gets off. The three men are confused, Has someone fooled us, they seem to ask. They turn to leave, and that's when someone starts playing the harmonica. The train moves away to reveal this man. He taunts them with his playing. Blood will soon be spilled. Why is this happening? Who is the man playing the harmonica? It's a strange and violent tale from Once Upon a Time in the West

This Week's Topic: Intensely Visual Films

References To Past Shows: The Great Silence / Magnolia

Next Week: Galaxy Quest!


Paying tribute to the tragic passing of icon David Bowie we discuss his most prominent big screen work, Labyrinth! Our friends, and fans of the flick, Aaron and Cal sit in with us to dicuss how this movie affected their lives from and early age, and explore how it works for those who didn't see it as children. Maybe we weren't won over with it's whimsy, but it's well worth watching, and re-watching, for it's wonderful imagination and imagery.

This Week's Topic: Viewing Fantastic Films From A Young Age!

References To Past Shows: Ladyhawke

Next Week: Once Upon A Time In The West!

Shaun of the Dead

Revisiting some movies feel like reuniting with old friends. For us, this is one of those movies. We love this movie; love it to death! We would not be the people we are today without it, which is funny, because in many ways this film reflects where we (of our generation) are today. Wherever we go from here, Shaun of the Dead will be with us.

This Week's Topic: The Cult Film of Our Generation!

References To Past Shows: Mr. Wong in Cinatown / Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein / What We Do in the Shadows

Next Week: Labyrinth!

Inglourious Basterds

With Special Guest Lydia Nightingale!

Prepare for a movie that changed history! Hey, hey, calm down. I'm not saying actual history, I mean, in the movie things happened alternatively to actual history. It's a revenge fantasy against Hitler! What, you're not for Hitler are you? Wait... is that a scar on your forehead? Nazis beware, if history doesn't catch up with you, the Inglourious Basterds will!

This Week's Topic: Inspiration and Influence (Christoph Waltz and Tarantino's Writing)!

References To Past Shows: The Last Shark / Metropolis / Blackmail

Next Week: Shaun of the Dead

The Force Awakens The Hateful Eight

With Special Guest Matt Allegretti!

The crew gets together to officially chat about two big movies we recently saw in theaters - some of us multiple times - Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens and The Hateful Eight. We also share our hopeful pospects for movies to come out in 2016. Get out to those multiplexes and support good movies Jellyheads!

This Week's Topic: Still In Theaters! (Current Movie Discussions)

References To Past Shows: The Star Wars Holiday Special / Evil Dead II / Monsters

Next Week: Inglourious Basterds!

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Coming right at yeah with another horror comedy, but this time we reach back into the past to dig up a classic. You'll jump out of your seat with laughter when Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein!