In the later half of the 1980s comedy-horror became cinemas Reese's Peanutbutter Cup. The once sly wink at the camera turned into a tourettes level overplayed compulsion that studios kept churning out, much to the dismay of filmgoers. In the midst of the chaos one film sought to rise above them all as the worst case senario. That film... was TerrorVision!

This Week's Topic: Why Did We Go To Camp In The '80s?

Spotlights: Best of the Worst / Junkfood Cinema / Red Dawn

References to Past Shows: The Babadook / Equilibrium / Troll 2 / Robot Monster / House on Haunted Hill / Alien

Next Week: Johnny Mnemonic!


With all the pretenses of profundity a future borrowed liberally from better material is brought down by it's own terrible inconsistancies. Is it's gun-fu swift enough to capture any hidden jems, or is it shot full of plot holes to the breaking point? Prehaps it is not completely broken, and, with some vision, we could repair it's flawed structure to realize a better Equilibrium

This Week's Topic: When A Film Doesn't Follow It's Own Internal Logic

Spotlights of the Week: Game of Thrones / The Nice Guys / Rush Hour 2

References To Past Shows: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein / Village of the Damned

Next Week: Terrorvision!

Dark City

With Special Guests: Michael Chernoff and Lucas Cotterell!!

This Week's Topic: Dreams of Souless Social Manipulators May Not Be As Deep As It Initially Appears!

Welcome to the fast paced, highly stylized world of Dark City! If they can change your memories, make rich men poor, and lovers unrecognizable, does the person underneath remain? So many questions, and so few answers. What will you make of it?

References To Past Shows: The Room / Alien

Next Week: Equalibrium!


We covered its precursors, now we finally tackle the star beast itself! Where all the elements cosmically crashed together to form the perfect sci-fi thriller. No creature feature could ever be the same after Alien!

This Week's Topic: Alien Thoughts for a Visual Mind!

NEW SEGMENT! What We're Watching: Akira / Aguirre, The Wrath of God / The Vampire Lovers / Rio Bravo

References To Past Shows: The Great Silence / Dark Star / Planet of the Vampires / Once Upon a Time in the West / It! The Terror from Beyond Space

Next Week: Dark City!

Rush Hour

With Special Guest: Matt Buckley!

East meets West! Foot meets Face! The 90s meets Our Memories! It's a rambunctious ride for Jackie Chan's first American feature. Kids born the year this came out are driving now, and we're here to prepare them for Rush Hour!

This Week's Topic: Does It Hold Up?

References To Past Shows: Wheels on Meals / Rumble in the Bronx / Ip Man

Next Week: ALIEN!

Dark Star

College can be a wonderful experience. You can meet new people, explore interesting subjects, expand your perspective of the world, grow as an individual, and pretend you're in space having silly adventures. As it turns out our hosts might just have a bit more in common with John Carpenter and Dan O'Bannon than you might think, and they didn't even realize it themselves until after the fact. But that's besides the point, here's Dark Star!

This Week's Topic: Things That Only Matter To Us!

References To Past Shows: Galaxy Quest / Snowpiercer

Next Week: Rush Hour!

Doctor Who - The Ark In Space

Why go to the movies when you can sit home and watch TV, right? For the first time on the show we're cover an episode of ongoing series! And we mean ONGOING! Yes, it everyone's favorite British import, Doctor Who! But not just any Who, we're talking about Classic Tom Baker Who! Why, you ask? Because it just how happens an early Baker episode provided much inspiration for the movie ALIEN! The connections are numerous, and you can't help seeing them. Prepare for the claustrophobic terror of The Ark In Space!

This Week's Topic: Classic Who vs. New Who

References To Past Shows: Good Against Evil / It! The Terror From Beyond Space

Ultra Q Theme

Next Week: Dark Star!

Sisters (1973)

With Special Guests: Evan Jones and Matt Allegretti!!!

They may not be joined at the hip, but when their powers combine there's no stopping the cinematic discussion of De Palma's work! We proudly present what we hope is the first of many Matt and Evan team ups. Here they join us to discuss the very Hitchcockian underground thriller, Sisters!

This Week's Topic: Brian De Palma!

Next Week: Doctor Who, The Ark In Space!

It! The Terror From Beyond Space

A rescue mission to Mars turns a spaceship into a deathtrap when IT! The Terror From Beyond Space gets aboard! But don't worry, the crew has enough explosives, guns, and ammo to take over a small country. Why are they packing all this heat? Because they're freakin' Americans you dirty commie!

This Week's Topic: It! Could Have Been Done Better... And It Was!

References To Past Shows: Warriors of the Wasteland / The Last Shark / Dungeons & Dragons / Evil Dead 2 / Planet of the Vampires

Check out this article Alien and it's Antecedents!

Next Week: Sisters!

Planet of the Vampires

A planet of death where spectral entities possess the bodies of the living and the dead. A crew of astronauts compelled against their will to kill each other. Death has reigned a long time on this world, claiming all that came near, but now it's looking to escape! What is this Astrological-Horror brought into vivid, nightmarish existence by Italian master of the macbre, Mario Bava? Can anything survive but evil incarnate? Listen now to find out! You've just bought a one way ticket to Planet of the Vampires!

This Week's Topic: One of These Things is a Lot like the Other!

References To Past Shows: The Day the Sky Exploded / Black Sunday / Hercules in the Haunted World / The Manster / The Nightmare Never Ends / The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari / Nosferatu / Metropolis / The Doomsday Machine / They / Warriors of the Wasteland / White Pongo

Next Week: It! The Terror From Beyond Space!