Young Frankenstein

A movie so funny it's scary! But, you might ask, how is it funny? What makes these characters and jokes work so well and stand the test of time? Walk this way and let's see if we can figure it out, shall we? It's Young Frankenstein!

Spotlights: Frank / Shock Corridor

References to Past Shows : The Hateful Eight / The Hunchback of Notre Dame / The Phantom of the Opera / Metroplis / Atomic Rulers of the World

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With Special Guest Evan Jones!

Murderer! Monster! Man! M! Contoversial and still relevant to this day. 

References to Past Shows: Metropolis / The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Run Lola Run

Proof that all plots can only be enhanced by the introduction of Hobo! Don't walk, don't drive, don't ride a bike, don't take the bus, don't call a cab, don't fly, don't take a train, and definitely don't take the subway, that's where hobos steal your shit, so fuck that, you must RUN! Run like an olympian is mocking you! Run like like you hear the electro beat pounding in your head! Run Lola Run

Spotlights: The Returned / The In-Laws

References to Past Shows: The Matrix / The Lives of Others / Das Boot

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The Lives of Others

Welcome to life in East Germany circa 1984. Two very different lives to be exact. One a lonely life in strict service to the police state, the other of two artists struggling for freedom and for each other. These lives will cross, brought closer than they'll know, and forever change. This is the story of someone who did more than listen to The Lives of Others!

Spotlights: 10 Cloverfield Lane / The Lobster / The Hitch-Hiker / D.O.A. / Alimony / Shinjuku Incident

Refernces to Past Shows: Rubber / Nomads / Rumble in the Bronx / Robot Monster / Das Boot / Wheels on Meals

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Das Boot

Do you hear that? It's the greatest submarine war film of all time we're talking about. It's so real you'll think your right there in the room with us. I mean, on the boat... in the movie. As Lucas preps for his trip to Germany we're covering some classic German movies. To start things off we dive into Das Boot! Better hold your breath. 

References to Past Shows: The Matrix

'Like a Beautiful Painting' Image of New Years Mayhem in Manchester Goes Viral

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The Matrix

With Special Guest: Michael Chernoff!

Prepare to challenge everything you thought you knew about movie review podcasting. Dive in deep to a discussion of worlds within worlds. Read these words in your mind in a deep, ominous voice. You are about to enter a past vision of the future recreating the past today. Yeah, it's The Matrix!

This Week's Topic: 1999 Forever!

References To Past Shows: Dark City / Ghost in the Shell / Equilibrium / Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie / Metropolis

Next Week: Das Boot!

Total Recall

Yah! What if you found out you weren't you, but another you, an asshole you. What would you do? Yah! Get your ass some cornflakes and listen. These guys talk about the movie and it's themes and stuff! It's not a tumor, it's a podcast! Yah! Where's my maid, she needs to hear this. Yah! Maybe you haven't seen this movie, that's okay, it's still a great show. And hey, maybe you have seen it and you don't remember, we're here to give you Total Recall

This Week's Topic: Serious vs. Satire

References To Past Shows: Alien / Ghost in the Shell / Equilibrium / Dark Star / Dark City

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Ghost in the Shell

Prepare yourselves for existential animation! Is this how the future is going to be? Are we defining the space around us, or are we defined by the space around us? As augmented reality and artificial intelligence grows what becomes of our physical bodies and minds? Do I need to catch another Rattata? All these questions and more will be asked as we plug of minds into Ghost in the Shell!

This Week's Topic: Feeling the Future

Spotlights: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice / Zootopia / Stranger Things / Repo Man

One Perfect Shot - 'Gost in the Shell': Finding Identity in Space

References To Past Shows: The Land Before Time / Equilibrium / Johnny Mnemonic

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The Film Music of Bernard Herrmann

With Special Guest Evan Jones!

We proudly present our new spotlight series where we focus on the work of an artist in film media. We start with the most significant founder of film music as we know it today, Bernard Herrmann. You may not recognise the name, but if you've watched movies then you've heard him all your life. He had a profoundly brilliant talent, which influenced all that came after him. Here, we honor that lifetime of work.

References To Past Shows: The Lost World / Sisters

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Johnny Mnemonic

Before The Matrix, before VR and AR became a reality, before Edward Snowden revealed the government spies on our emails, but sometime after Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, there was Johnny Mnemonic

This Week's Topic: William Gibson's Cyberpunk!

Spotlights: Game of Thrones / Warcraft

References To Past Shows: Dungeons and Dragons / Once Upon a Time in the West

Article: We are witnessing the return of Industrial Metal

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