In a time past 2001, where apes had ruled the planet, everyone died at thirty, and Barbarella's screamed, "Soylent Green is people!" there was one to shock them all and make us question everything. We are the chosen ones who know what is good and what is evil. We are influenced by L. Frank Baum, H. G. Wells, and J. R. R. Tolkien. We watch, listen, and discuss in the name of Zardoz!

References to Past Shows: Warriors of the Wasteland / Things to Come / Plan 9 from Outer Space / The Room / Manos, the Hands of Fate

Next Week: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace!

Kiss Me Deadly

With Special Guest Matt Allegretti!!!

Mike Hammer knew he was onto something hot, but what he didn't know was that it was as hot as the sun. A dark, brutal, and richly subversive tale for it's time. It influenced the French New Wave, as well as left it's mark on movies like Raider's of the Lost Ark, Pulp Fiction, and Repo Man. Trust me, you'll thank me for turning you onto it, and when next we meet you can Kiss Me Deadly!

References to Past Shows: Sisters / Once Upon a Time in the West / Young Frankenstein / The Alpha Incident / Detour / Gun Crazy / Ip Man / Ghost in the Shell

Next Week: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace


With Special Guest Evan Jones!

When life's got you down. When you can't tell east from west. When all the luck you have is bad. When it seems like fate is squeezing you under it's thumb. You may find yourself taking an unexpected Detour!

References to Past Shows: Gun Crazy / D.O.A. / Once Upon a Time in the West / M / Metropolis / The Amazing Transparent Man

Next Week: Kiss Me Deadly!

Gun Crazy

With Special Guest: Evan Jones!

A nice little story of a boy who loves guns meets a girl who loves guns and together they go on crime spree. It's a gun-toting, whirlwind romance of mutual self destruction. Don't forget to bring your ammo, it would be quite embarassing if you showed up and couldn't shoot, wouldn't it? Best to keep those itchy trigger fingers in check, or you might go Gun Crazy yourself!

References to Past Shows: D.O.A. / M / Invisible Ghost / The Phantom Creeps / The Horror of Dracula / Little Shop of Horrors / Ghost in a Shell / Young Frankenstein / Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein / Magnolia / Das Boot

Next Week: Detour!


Welcome to Noirvember! As people get ready to carve their turkeys, we're taking a slice out of classic film genre. What mysteries will we uncover from this dark underwold of shadows and amorality? Will we make it through in one piece, or be declared D.O.A.?!

References To Past Shows: Robot Monster / Once Upon a Time in the West / The Lost City

Next Week: Gun Crazy!


They cheer you up and support your team, but do you really know who they are, what it is that drives them, or if they aspire to something... greater? Who knows, maybe they just make things up as they go? Take a look with us behind the costumes and you'll find the fighting spirit of Mascots!

References to Past Shows: What We Do in the Shadows

Next Week: D.O.A.!

The Ghost of Frankenstein

With Special Guest: Sarah Hartman!

Frankenstein is visited by his ghost dad, who tells him what he must do, and pretty much everyone dies in the end. It's a lot like Hamlet actually, except, you know, with a big green monster and mad scientist. So swap minds with us for a while as we romp through Halloween with this delightful classic. If lightning strikes outside your window and the doors creak behind you, turn around quick! You might just be haunted by The Ghost of Frankenstein!

References to Past Shows: The Serpent and the Rainbow / Creepshow / The Horror of Dracula / Son of Frankenstein / Bride of Frankenstein / Frankenstein / Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein / The Matrix

Next Week: Mascots!

Son of Frankenstein

With Special Guest: Charity Buckbee!

We herby invite you to our awkward family gathering. There will be sibling animosity, annoying children, the angry old man, and, of course, the creepy uncle will be in attendance. They say that blood is thicker than water, though we wont say what's in this blood sample. As expected, past drama will be revisited, skeletons will be dragged from the closet, and after a few drinks friendly competitiveness will turn into all out brawling until someone gets kicked into the sulfur pit. After all, no one ever said it was easy to be the Son of Frankenstein!

References to Past Shows: Bride of Frankenstein / Frankenstein / Young Frankenstein / The Phantom of the Opera / The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein / Werewolf Woman / The Wasp Woman

Next Week: Ghost of Frankenstein!

The Bride of Frankenstein

Rumor has it the monster lives! He lives... alone. I mean, he did room with a mountain hermit for a while, but it was in a rough neighborhood. Lately he's been staying in crypts and caves, though his prospects are looking up. He's working for a doctor and has a sense of purpose again. Now he's looking for love. Call or text if you're recently reanimated and in the mood for romance. YOU TOO could be The Bride of Frankenstein! What could go wrong?

References to Past Shows: Frankenstein / Young Frankenstein / Eegah

Next Week: Son of Frankenstein!


A strange, unholy form of life rises slowly from the operating table. Its discolored hand reaches out and takes the microphone. "You recognize the character's, but what do you really know about the Universal Monsters?" Fear not my friends, it's only a movie podcast! Join us in the castle atop the hill, as the full moon rises, wolves howl, and lightning pierces the night sky, we will discuss the classic Frankenstein!

References to Past Shows: Young Frankenstein / Once Upon a Time in the West / Night of the Living Dead / The Phantom of the Opera / Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein / Sharktopus / The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Next Week: The Bride of Frankenstein!