Warriors of the Wasteland

Hold on to your pants, for the end of all humanity is here! Dave and Lucas review this painful Italian rip-off of Road Warrior while simultaneously cursing those who made it. This is a special apocalypse folks, it can't be stressed enough.

Attack From Space

Dave and Lucas return with another Starman flick! This time they grapple with the existence of space Nazis from another world bent on taking Japanese rocket technology to create rockets to conquer Earth, when they already have a nuclear armed spaceship.

Atomic Rulers of the World

Lucas and Dave bring to you a gold nugget from the land of Japan! A super being named Starman has been sent by a benevolent council of aliens to stop Earth's nuclear annihilation by the evil country of Amer- *cough* Mongolia. That is, if a band of orphans don't muck up absolutely everything.

Alien Contamination

Dave and Lucas take on the Italian horror/sci-fi film, Alien Contamination, notable for having no contamination. They discuss the effectiveness of a disease spread through exploding eggs, alien hypnosis, and Colombian coffee plantations.