Ewoks: The Battle for Endor

With Special Guest: Lynn Stefani

After struggling the entire previous movie to save your parents they are instantly killed before your eyes. As you are only 6 years old there's nothing you can do but run, and almost get eaten by a pterodactyl, until you are found, and taken in, by Wilford Brimley. Then managing to get get your genius self captured for the second time, the disgruntled, likely half insane from prolonged isolation Wilford Brimley must storm the castle and take out the He-Man villain rip-offs to save you in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor!

This Week's Topic: Continuity Conundrums

Other Movies Mentioned: STAR WARS (Franchise)/ Spaceballs/ Alien (Franchise)/ Planet of the Apes (2001)/ Swamp Thing/ Hocus Pocus/ JAWS/ Jurassic Park (Franchise)/ The Thing/ Super Mario Bros./ The Dark Crystal/ Harry Potter (Franchise)/ Willow/ Leprechaun/ Kick-Ass/ Godzilla (2014)/ Looper/ Chronicle/ Guardians of the Galaxy/ Monsters/ District 9

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: The Ewok Adventure

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With Special Guest: Lydia Nightingale

Last night someone was murdered. You seem particularly upset about this, though your family can't understand why. Someone else knows though, and their silence comes at a price. Fortunately you were completely justified in your actions and the police are on your side. No one's getting away with Blackmail!

This Week's Topic: Violence in Movies and Sex on TV

Other Movies Mentioned: Amazing Grace/ Atonement/ Survival of the Dead/ Singing in the Rain/ A Clockwork Orange/ Inglorious Basterds/ The Jazz Singer/ Lord of the Rings/ The Green Hornet/ The Blue Angel/ King Kong (1933)/ Disney's Hercules/ JAWS/ Cannibal Holocaust/ Schindler's List/ Ferris Bueller's Day Off/ A Kid in King Arthur's Court/ Harry Potter (Franchise)/ Star Wars (Prequels)/ Jurassic Park (Sequels)

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde/ The Lodger/ Metropolis/The Lost World/ Maciste in Hell/ Ladyhawke

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With Special Guest: Chris Stefani

You're trying to settle down, but you have a restless spirit. When an odd group of street punks vandalize your new home you think it will be more exciting to follow them than call the police. Well, like the old saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for." These punks are more than they seem, and once you're in their world they may never let you leave. This is no dream! You're being hunted by Nomads!

This Week's Topics: Unconventional Ghost Stories and What the French?

Other Movies Mentioned: Super Mario Bros./ James Bond (Franchise)/ Burn After Reading/ Syriana/ The Men Who Stare at Goats/ O Brother, Where Art Thou?/ The Lion King/ The Lion King II: Simba's Pride/ Good Will Hunting/ Jumanji/ Predator/ Die Hard/ The Hunt for Red October/ There Will Be Blood/ The Stepford Wives (2004)/ Children of the Corn (Franchise)/ The Omen/ The Good Son/ The Babadook/ Near Dark/ The Hurt Locker/ Zero Dark Thirty/ Jurassic Park/ Star Wars (Franchise)/ Batman Forever/ Batman and Robin

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Village of the Damned/ The Bad Seed

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With Special Guests: Charity Buckbee and Aaron Spadaro!

A love forced apart be magic. Can an irritating little theif lead the lovers to undo the curse that seperates them? Find adventure and love in Ladyhawke!

This Week's Topic: An Unlikely Likability

Other Movies Mentioned: Lord of the Rings/ The Princess Bride/ The Hobbit/ The Hobbit (1977)/ Superman/ Superman II/ Leathal Weapon (Franchise)/ The Omen/ The Goonies/ Ferris Bueller's Day Off/ Escape from New York/ Escape from LA/ Bladerunner/ Hobo with a Shotgun/ The Hitcher/ Tropic Thunder/ Grindhouse/ Machete/ Back to the Future/ The Stepford Wives/ Monty Python's Holy Grail/ 2001: A Space Odyssey/ Apocalypse Now/ Ben-Hur/ The Godfather (Franchise)/ Frozen/ The Grand Budapest Hotel/ Amadeus/ The Family/ Dark Shadows/ People Like Us/ New Years Eve/ Personal Effects/ Batman Returns/ Catwoman/ The Dark Knight Rises/ Willow/ Babe/ LA Confidential/ The Artist/ Godzilla (1998)/ The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)/ Underworld

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

With Special Guest: Charity Buckbee!

A killer is at large. Tageting beautiful blond women in the streets of London and leaving his calling card behind. You lock your doors at night, but what if the killer is already inside? That odd young man you're renting a room to is always out when the killings take place. Could the mad murderer actually be The Lodger!?

This Week's Topic: Experiments in Intentional Imagery

Other Movies Mentioned: Spider-man 2/ Raiders of the Lost Ark/ Nosferatu/ The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari/ Shrek/ Robin Hood: Men In Tights/ Ladyhawke/ Beastmaster/ Bubba Ho-Tep/ Phantasm/ John Dies at the End/ The Birds/ Cinderella/ The Crucible/ Superman Returns/ Man of Steel/ Superman/ Superman II/ Captain America: Winter Soldier/ Guardians of the Galaxy/ The Avengers/ The Number 23/ 
Psycho/ Iron Man 2/ Dick Tracy/ The Omen/ Nomads/ Bladrunner/ The Hitcher

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Metropolis/ MMPR: The Movie/ The Lost World/ The Terror

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Little Shop of Horrors

With Special Guest: Evan Jones!

When a strange new plant causes a local sensation people gather to see it, only some of those people are never seen again. As the flower devours it's unsuspecting victims it also increases it's hold on the nebbish store clerk who must continue to prepare it's grisly meals. All this and more takes place in an innocent little shop the world would come to know as The Little Shop of Horrors!

This Week's Topic: Funny Names for Derailing Dialog

Other Movies Mentioned: Audition/ Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer/ The Changling/ Hardcore/ Taxi Driver/ Cat People (1982)/ The Canyons/ The Theory of Everything/ Death Race 2000/ Death Race/ The St. Valentine's Day Massacre/ Robin Hood: Men in Tights/ X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes/ The Wicker Man (2006)/ Marathon Man/ The Departed/ The Dirty Dozen/ The Muppet Movie/ Gremlins/ The Terminator/ The Black Dahlia/ Body Double/ Dressed to Kill/ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button/ Critters/ Rope/ The Farmers Wife/ The Ring (1927)/ Nosferatu/ The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari/ The Phantom Carriage/ Greed/ Sunset Blvd./  Intolerence/ Birth of a Nation/ Broken Blossoms/ Way Down East/ Pandora's Box/ Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler/ Spies/ History of the World: Part 1

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Creature From the Haunted Sea/ The Last Man on Earth/ Battle Beyond the Stars/ Embryo/ Metropolis

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The Bat

You find yourself in a spooky mansion where a treasure has been hidden. Everyone seems suspicious when suddenly you realize that you know longer care how this turns out. Because Vincent Price is not The Bat!

This Week's Topic: Killing Off the Only Character the Audience Cares About

Talking Points: Disney's Cinderella/ Batman/ George Clooney/ Johnny Depp/ Mickey Rourke/ The Little Rascals/ Freddy Krueger/ House of Wax (1953)/ The Fly (1958)/ Return of the Fly/ The Fantastic Mr. Fox/ Star Wars/ Jurassic Park/ The Avengers/ Mad Max Fury Road/ Scooby-Doo/ Edgar Allen Poe/ Castle (TV)/ Boris Karloff Frankenstein/ Woody the Woodpecker

References To Past Episodes: The Killer Shrews/ The Last Man on Earth

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The Last Man on Earth

With Special Guest: Ulisses Gonsalves!

In a world populated only by the living dead. . . and you. . . or Vincent Price-stache, as The Last Man on Earth!

This Week's Topic: When Vampire Zombies Bite Back

Talking Points: Alan Rickman/ Morgan Freeman/ Miley Cyrus/ Corey Feldman/ Justin Beiber/ Butch Patrick/ The Munsters(TV)/ Macaulay Culkin/ Uwe Boll/ I Am Legend/ Will Smith/ The Omega Man/ Charlton Heston/ Denzel Washington/ The Last Airbender/ The Last Man on Earth(TV)/ Harrison Ford/ Presumed Innocent/ The Fugitive/ George Romero/ Land of the Dead/ Dennis Hopper/ Shaun of the Dead/ The Walking Dead(TV)/ Twilight/ Daybreakers/ Willem Dafoe/ Fallout 3(Video Game)/ Transformers/ Alien 3/ Resident Evil(Video Game)/ Spores/ The Expendables/ The Brady Bunch(TV)/ Hocus Pocus

References To Past Episodes: Night of the Living Dead/ Village of the Damned

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The Bad Seed

With Special Guest: Aaron Spadaro!

Mysterious deaths surround an adorable little girl. They must be accidents, of course, but you catch yourself wondering. Children misbehave all the time, sure, but murder? No, it's too absurd. No one's born evil, right? Still, there are always exceptions. Out of all the innocent children you know perhaps this little girl is The Bad Seed!

This Week's Topics: 1950s Sensibilities and Black Comedy with Teeth.

Talking Points: Elvis Presley/ King Creole/ Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/ Arsenic and Old Lace/ Children of the Corn/ The Trouble with Harry/ We Need to Talk about Kevin/ Psycho/ Stephen King/ The Twilight Zone/ I am Legend/ Will Smith

References To Past Episodes: Tormented/ Embryo/ MMPR The Movie

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Village of the Damned

You inexplicably fall asleep in the middle of the day, even though you weren't tired. When you wake you find the same thing has happened to everyone else, and the military are running through town questioning and examining people. Are you in an episode of the Twilight Zone? You begin to wonder what will happen next. Some unknown force is turning your peaceful hometown into a Village of the Damned!

This Week's Topic: It's Unexplained.

Other Talking Points: Children of the Corn/ Stephen King/ Day of the ATriffids/ The World's End/ The Jungle Book/ Doctor Who/ John Carpenter/ Christopher Reeve/ Mark Hamill/ Baby Geniuses/ The Twilight Zone/ Orphan/ The Orphanage/ Insidious/ The Omen/ The Shining/ The Exorcist/ Rosemary's Baby/ John Waters.

Links to Past Episodes: Embryo/ The Hunchback of Notre Dame