Titan A.E. - Treasure Planet

In the early 2000s these films tackled the space epic in animation with surprisingly similar elements. Though both were box office failures, they found a cult following with some teens at the time, so we take a look to see how they hold up and consider what might have been. If you haven't seen them, then nows the time to rediscover Titan A.E. and Treasure Planet

This Week's Topic: Compare, Contrast, and Rant

References To Past Reviews: Ladyhawke

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Attack The Block

Street kids protect their turf from extraterrestrials, and maybe learn something in the process. You know, I mean, the ones that don't get eaten. It's Attack the Block!

This Week's Topic: Genuine Characters and Fantastic Visuals, But Lacking Big Laughs

References To Past Reviews: Leprechaun

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Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead

Our feelings are mixed. On one hand there's a lot of good gags and visuals, on the other there are jokes, scenes, and characters that just don't work. Does it balance more towards good or evil? Find out in our discussion of Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead!

This Week's Topic: Funny vs Unfunny

References To Past Reviews: Dead Snow / Night of the Living Dead / Horror of Dracula / Monsters / Evil Dead II / Return of the Pink Panther / Ong-bak

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You ever notice how, like, science fiction sometimes has other meanings to it, like... metaphors? I'm sorry, I have to pee. OMG! MONSTERS!

This Week's Topic: The World Has More To Say Than The Characters In It

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Iron Sky / Dead Snow

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The Last Shark

With Special Guest: Paul Dederick!

This was no boating accident, Jellyheads! This was Italians making their own version of yet another blockbuster. This time it's JAWS! With zero regard for copyright the underwater mechanized menace is redone, but not to bore you with the action you already know the Italians, as they always seem to do, spice things up with their own creative/mind boggling/cheesy effects. As far as we're concerned, this is The Last Shark!

This Week's Topic: Italian Imitation Films!

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Warriors of the Wasteland / Star Odyssey / Blood Tide / Alien Contamination / Nomads

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Carnosaur 2

With Special Guest: John Armitage!

The prehistoric creatures return with nukes and it's up to a crack team of technicians dressed like mercenaries to send them back to the stone age! The bites are bigger in Carnosaur 2!

Topic: Monster Movie Mash Up!

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Carnosaur / Sharktopus

Thanks to Maltin on Movies!

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Horror of Dracula ( A small tribute to Christopher Lee and Hammer Horror)

We look back at when classic horror took a violent turn, and all the great artists who made that happen. Thank you, from psychojellyfish! 

Horror of Dracula!

This Week's Topic: A Small Tribute to Christopher Lee and Hammer Horror)

Other Movies Mentioned: Jurassic World (Jarassic Park franchise)/ Star Wars (Prequel franchise)/ Ted (franchise)/ Dracula (1931)/ The Blob (1958)/ The Curse of Frankenstein/ Tomb of Ligeia/ Crimson Peak/ Jason Lives: Fridat the 13th Part VI/ The Wicker Man (1973)/ The Wicker Man (2006 remake :P)/ When a Stranger Calls/ We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story/ Dracula; Prince of Darkness/ The Mummy (1959)

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Black Sunday/ Hercules in the Haunted World

See the BBC Documentary on British Horror we used as a source for our discussion HERE!

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The Land Before Time

With Special Guest: Charity Buckbee!

Little feet find big adventure (as long as they don't get eaten or starve to death) in The Land Before Time!

This Week's Topic: Childhood Memories of Scary Movie Moments!

Other Movies Mentioned: Jurassic Park (franchise)/ The Magic of Belle Isle/ Titan A. E./ The Secret of Nimh/ Anastasia/ All Dogs Go to Heaven/ The Pebble and the Penguin/ Rock-A-Doodle/ An American Tail/ An American Tail: Fievel Goes West/ Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade/ Who Framed Roger Rabbit/ Titanic/ Avatar/ Braveheart/ Star Wars (franchise)/ The Magnificent Seven/ Seven Samurai/ Hidden Fortress/ Bambi/ Dumbo/ The Brave Little Toaster (franchise)/ Jason X/ Leprechaun 4: In Space/ It/ Killer Clowns from Outer Space/The Lion King/ Atlantis: The Lost Empire/ Frozen/ Brave/ The Land Before Time (franchise)/ Dinosaurus!/ Nosferatu/ Dracula (1931)/ Lord of the Rings (franchise)

Movie Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Battle Beyond the Stars/ The End of the World/ Hercules in the Haunted World

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Jurassic June Begins Here! This theme has a real big bite, but don't be chicken. Give it a listen! Our patron saint of bad movies, Roger Corman, delivers the bloody fun goods once again with Carnosaur!

This Week's Topic: Connections, Disconnections, and Diversions from Jurassic Park!

Other Movies Mentioned: Jurassic Park (franchise)/ Transmorphers/ Atlantic Rim/ Alien/ Return of the Living Dead/ Ghostbusters/ Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood/ Friday the 13th (franchise)/ Carrie/ A Nightmare on Elm Street (franchise)/ The Beyond/ Troll/ Hatchet (franchise)/ The Blob/ Mad Max: Fury Road/ Independence Day/ Godzilla 1985/ Carnosaur (sequels and spin-offs)/ Star Wars (prequel franchise)/ Terminator (franchise)/ Deliverence

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Dinocroc vs Supergator (with Travis Richey)/ Alien Contamination/ Embryo/ The Alpha Incident/ Sharktopus/ Battle Beyond the Stars/ Heavy Metal/ Ip Man

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Ip Man

With Special Guest: Matt Buckley!

Have you ever heard about the man who trained Bruce Lee? Did you know he single handly defeated Japan during World War II? And then he went on to fight vampires with Abraham Lincoln! Yes, I said "and then". You do the math. He was known as Ip Man!

This Week's Topic: Historically Skewed Hero Worship vs Interesting Character Development!

Other Movies Mentioned: Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins/ Mad Max: Fury Road/ Star Wars (franchise)/ Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter/ The Avengers/ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon/ Flash Point/ 300/ The Land Before Time/ Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Wheels on Meals/ Ong-bak/ The Babadook/ Snowpiercer

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