The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

This unique classic who's influence reaches far and wide across the cinematic landscape deserves a look from all film buffs. It may ispire you. It may haunt your dreams. One thing is certain, you will never see movies the same way again after you've looked inside The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari!

This Week's Topic: The One That Started All The Madness!

Refferences To Past Reviews: Nosferatu / The Phantom of the Opera / The Babadook / It's Such a Beautiful Day

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With Special Guest: Evan Jones!

As silent as the grave he rises from his coffin. A shadow falls over your heart, dread rakes it's hairy, clawed fingers through your mind. Then a middle aged goth musician hits a note on a keyboard and you remember you're in a theater watching F. W. Murnau's timeless terror, Nosferatu

This Week's Topic: The Best Adaptation of the Best Horror Fiction Novel

References To Past Reviews: Horror of Dracula / MMPR The Movie / Metropolis


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The Phantom of the Opera

With Special Guest: Evan Jones!

There's something lurking in the shadows behind the stage. Something from the past come back to haunt us. The roots of Horror Cinema run deep; a seemingly endless labyrinth filled with trap doors, torture chambers, masked men, and screaming beauties. Follow the pathways deep enough and you will find a man of a thousand faces seated at the corpse of an piano organ. His name is Lon Chaney, though you might know him better as his most famous face of all, The Phantom of the Opera!

This Week's Topic: Silent Horror!

References To Past Reviews: The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde / Evil Dead II / The Serpent and the Rainbow / The Lodger / Blackmail / Metropolis

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Woman in the Moon

A Sci-fi film from the end of the silent cinema era that's astoundingly strong on the science! You can't help but look back in awe at the depiction of space travel here, which is so close to what would come over 30 years later, and not wonder how they did it. Fritz Lang must be a future person, as evidence here's Woman in the Moon!

This Week's Topic: Astonishingly Ahead of Its Time!

References To Past Reviews: Things To Come / Metropolis

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Serpent and the Rainbow (Wes Craven Tribute)

With Special Guest: Sarah Hartman!

For over 40 years Wes Craven brought nightmares into the dreamland of the silver screen, leaving multiple bloody marks on cinema history. Join us as we take take a look into why his films were so deeply affecting to generations of not just horror fans, but general filmgoers as well, and dig up one of his underrated greats, The Serpent and the Rainbow

This Week's Topic: The Influence and Lagacy of Wes Craven's Movies!

References To Past Reviews: They / The Babadook

Check Out Boogeymen II: Masters of Horror!

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World on a Wire (Welt am Draht)

Have you ever had a dream where you're playing a video game, and in the video game the character you're playing is playing a video game that you're playing, and then the character you're playing ing the video game realizes he's not playing the video game and that he is in fact a character in a video game being played, then you wake up and realize you fell aspleep playing a video game and you at the screen and it says press X to continue your life? You can't figure out how or why it would say that, then you look around and the character you were playing in the video game is in your living room and you just know they're there to kill you and take over your life, but before you can do anything they shoot you. With the sound of the shot ringing in your ears you wake up gasping for breath and looking up you realize that on tv you're watching the second part of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's World on a Wire!

This Week's Topic: Are You A Simulation?

Next Week: The Serpent and the Rainbow (A Tribute to Wes Craven)

Salvaging The Star Wars Prequels

With special guest Matt Allegretti! 

We're taking time out this week to talk with Lucas about his intensive edit of the Star Wars prequels. Chopping the movies down into three 60 to 90 minute streamlined films that get to and hightlight a plot that most miss amongst the myriad of action sequences and awkward dialogue. It's Heroin!

This Week's Topic: Editing your way to a better movie. 

References To Past Reviews: I Don't Care, I Love That Movie

It's Such A Beautiful Day

You ever stop and think. . . and think, and think, and think? All the strange things in life we put in the background of our day to day lives to focus on the road before us. How often do we take the time to notice those odd little wonders that make so much of life around us? Sometimes it takes a bad experience to change our perspective enough to look up at the clouds and think, It's Such A Beautiful Day!

This Week's Topic: A Surreal, Philosophical Animation About Life and Death and Existence.

References To Past Reviews: Chico & Rita

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Chico & Rita

A remarkably unromantic tale of two musical immigrants caught in a lifelong on-again off-again realtionship because I guess they're supposed to be in love. The animation is great, but eveything else is Chico & Rita!

This Week's Topic: Character Motivation is NOT a Given!

References To Past Reviews: Wizards

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It's a heavy(metal) handed epic fantasy overloaded with political satire! The only people who could possibly absorb this are clearly Wizards!

This Week's Topic: Creative World, but Random Narrative

References To Past Reviews : Nomads / The Last Shark / The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension / Heavy Metal

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