S1E9 - Go Fish

With The Rift closed and their engines out of fuel, the Spaghetti crew does what any other group of bored explorers would do . . . break out the cards and play a round of Go Fish! But alas, it doesn't take much time for things to get interesting again as they're visited by a lost art student and all the ghosts accidentally locked out of the other side. 

S1E8 - The Rift

The fate of the entire Universe hangs in the balance as our cadre of heroes marches forth toward their noble mission. With Ned gone the crew is feeling incomplete, but alas! Who is that stranger floating freely in space aboard his VW Mircobus? Find out in this thrilling episode of Lost Radio!


This is a crazy one folks! Dr. Lorre has perfected the chemical properties of Chemical 97 with plans to combine its power with that of the god Aries. The aliens arrive for one last visit, only to trip out and discover cultural creativity for the first time, with Ned leading them forth in a mission to bring this new knowledge to their planet. Finally King Ghirdorah comes by to be a nuisance, and Lemmy shows up to give Ziggy a lesson on who's the real rockstar. 

S1E6 - Ðådã

Hold onto your car crash. Pinocchio is violining his name in the tomb. Forget Sasquatch, they've got carpet cleaner. How can it be any greater than rockets on a belt sander? Pay attention students, this planet is beyond abnormal hyperbole!

S1E5 - Night at the Truck Stop

In 2009, Gustav Bronson escaped from Planet Truckstop Prison. All they found of him was a muddy set of prison clothes, a bar of soap, and an old taco, damn near eaten down to a crumb.
Gustav crawled to freedom through five hundred yards of shit smelling foulness I can't even imagine, or maybe I just don't want to.

S1E4 - Viva Las Venus

The gang heads to Venus for a little R&R. In the mean time Gus has been tasked with gathering up the needed supplies for their journey, but little do they know they may regret this in the morning. 

S1E3 - Ziggy

It's mutiny in space as Ned fumbles his way into position of captain. Will his grip on power last, or will this be the downfall of the entire Spaghetti crew? Perhaps the wise words of an intergalactic glam rocker can bring about level heads before Gus's demons break free. 

S1E2 - The Spoon

Ned and Gus notice that their movements are being tracked by a giant spoon, but before they can think about it too much they manage to finally contact NASA and get caught up with everything by the organization that abandoned them those many years ago. Later their alien friends return to converse about human culture and a vital member of the ship's crew is found!  

S1E1- Hello Earth

In 1995, a crew of men were launched into space to find the end of the space. Fifteen years later they've cracked the edge of the Universe and are down to the last two crew members left. Join Captain Gus Bronson and his navigator Ned Filmore as they grapple with the loneliness of space and the consequences of tearing holes in the fabric of space and time.