Feline Smurf Cycle

All aboard this week's tour of the bizarre and curious! Matt and Lucas react to a real-life MacGuyver in the desert, a smurf stalker on the loose in England, and a grotesque work of art that raises some ethical questions. Come see what the mainstream news has been missing out on!

Nuclear Fish Blood

Buckle your strait jackets... the latest zany episode of Flapdoodle Forum is up! This week Luke, Matt, and Bubba discuss doomsday hideouts, the dangers of throat-lodged fish, and the unknown status of the blood of a former president!

Exploding Exhibition

Get those rocks out of your pants for they just might burn you alive! Crispy legs aren't good for podcast listening. Especially when contemplating the aesthetics of an invisible art gallery.

Mayan Virgin Clown Dog

The world never ceases to provide us with fascinating subjects. Join Matt and Lucas with their good friend, Ryan Traver, as they discuss the sensibility of dog-centered television, terrorizing children with hit clowns for hire, old women finally ready for love, and rethinking the end of the Earth.

Prattling Pineapple

It has arrived! Flapdoodle Foum, the newest show on Psycho Jellyfish, is ready for your listening pleasure. We discuss weird news across the internet, so join Lucas Wilson and Matthew Buckley as they discuss the merits of eating a sentient pineapple, its ability to race, and why gambling on such a creature might bring out the worst in you. Just so you know, they don't have sleeves.