Hot Assassins from Space

Have you ever had to look over your shoulder while playing a game for fear of being attacked by assassins? Have you ever eaten the most spicy thing in the word and lived? Have you ever dreamed of living in your own Millenium Falcon? Well, we explore all these questions and more on season two's first episode!

Feathered Mongoose

Matt and Bubba away so David Halstead has come to play! Join Luke and Dave as the two sit down to discuss feathery biological abnormalities and what to expect when a ghostly mongoose comes to make itself at home in your walls. 

The Fastest House With An Axe

Just in time to save you from quirky news withdrawal, Flapdoodle Forum returns to deliver the biweekly goodness! Now with 100% more Bubba! Feast your ears on an unbelievable story of survival, a house in a very inconvenient place, and the remarkable talents of the "fastest human in the world."

NOTE: There was a technical diffculty during recording, so the episode is cut a little short. Sorry for the inconvenience to your listening pleasure. 

A Demonic Conspiracy

The jellycasters have their work cut out for them with a pair of mindblowing stories. A baffling possessed toaster and headscratching crackpot theories about Earth are what Matt and Lucas will have to contend with as they continue to search for the weirdest and most interesting news found on our flat planet!

Death of the Japanese Cannibal UFO

Listen intently as the Psycho Jellyfish crew takes you through four tales of unusual occurrences. You'll be tantalized by curious anime costumes, messages from the grave, lights in the sky, and a cannibal celebrity in Japan

Neural Pigeon Stabs A Bear

Join Matt, Luke, and Bubba as they contemplate a future full of dream machines, the mysteries of the Birdmuda Triangle, murderous chickens, and how unlucky you must be to run over a bear

Virtual Mountain Lion Kidney

Hold on to your virtual kidneys for another shock and awe of bizarre news! The full Flapdoodle team is reunited just in time to tackle some stories about a trashed kidney, big cat on the loose, and the ethics behind one man's quest for love.

The Stolen Atomic Mayor of Bats

The Flapdoodle team dissects a slate of stories about some delectable oddities. This time they must contend with nuclear explosion artwork, a non-human mayor of a small town, and a fanboy dream-tribute to batman.

3 Million Treadmill DWIs

The things people will do for, well, the things people do. This week on Flapdoodle Foum, Matt and Lucas sit down to discuss children strapped to car hoods, vehicles lasting way longer than they should, and tricky questions behind banning skinny people from gyms

Alien Hot Tub Restaurant

Amazement is on the menu of this week's delicious episode! Bubba takes Lucas's place as the Flapdoodlers face off against a plethora of unfathomabilities, including a freak speargun accident, hobo hot-tubbing, the search for extraterrestrial life, and so much more!