Bottled Angel Arms

Verily I sayeth unto you listen and rejoice, for as disarmed soldiers reunite the gothic writer cast his stories into the sea with promise of discovery in faraway lands, and whence discovered the multitudes will look upon his works and know that he was full of crap. Then at last there will be peace among nations. Enjoy!

German Ice Cream Colors Under Surveillance

Ask yourself. How many colors would a German boy see if he was eating ice cream while the government tracked him on a magic based electronic app? If you can answer that, then I'll see you in clown court! ENJOY!

Genetic Ice Cream Bacon Flies from Iceland

You ready for this ice cream and bacon flavored adventure!? All genetically recreated and prepared to make aviation history? Just make sure you know who you're related to first

Dog Burglar

Dog lovers, be on the lookout for a strange young man with a shovel sized bruise prowling the streets and kidnapping your beloved pets. Stay vigilant and you'll never have to worry about Fido getting involved in one of those subterranean canine train gangs ever again. 

Realistic Spaceship

Welcome to the future of reality, where you will live to be 200 years old with vat grown rat hips and watch movies all day long on the moon base's virtual theater! You will give academy awards to actors who doen't exist when this masterpeice of podcasting pleasures blinds you with SCIENCE! 

Toilet Climbing Squid: The Movie

Don't spend your life sitting on the toilet, get out there and explore! You could climb to the top of a pyramid if you wanted to, but don't be surprised when squids start suicide bombing your beach party. Who knows, they might even make a movie about you. Or maybe a hundred movies!

Warning: This statement may cause you to have higher expectations for your life than are reasonably possible or even healthy to think about. But seriously, quit hogging the bathroom, other people live here too ya know.

Mutant Telepathic Rats

"Rats. Rats. Rats! Thousands! Millions of them! All red-blood! All these I will give you if you will obey me!"

Stealthy Cybernetic Jelly

Look over your shoulders folks! Jelly is raining from the sky! It could be stealthily watching your every move, or maybe that's just the government? Better prepare those cybernetic fists you've been saving for a special occasion. 

Tombstone Canned Miracles

Will the Chinese government survive the tomb of the sadomassocistic cult, or vomit pure cows milk after inhaling canned air? You, the listener, must decide! Enjoy!

Webcam Neanderthals

Have you ever suffered from the paranoid delusion that a neanderthal was watching you through the webcam in your computer? Perhaps you're not as crazy as you think? Or maybe you are, it's up to you really. But that's besides the point! Tonight Matt and Lucas discuss the public access of private webcams and the implications of bringing the neanderthals back from extinction