Injured Drone

Lurking in the woods may be a moose just waiting to dart out of the way to let a bullet strike you while you poo, but don't worry, while you lay bleeding on the floor of your bathroom you can order a bandage on Amazon and have it delivered by drone in 30 minutes!

The Ghostly Russian Fish Elf

What do you say? Putin is your friend? Perhaps then you need to look at these lovely facades for they prefer teeth of a fish and an elf on every cliff. Just don't forget to return a screaming skull's dying wish.

Squirrel Butt the Video Game

Another Highwaymen cast member comes to join us for this week's episode of Flapdoodle Forum! We discuss video games' effectiveness at increasing your brain power, the scientific reasons for studying the size of one's bottom, and just how crazy you have to be to fire off a gun in a store full of people to kill a squirrel. Plus! A short bonus ghost story by a friend of our guest! Enjoy!

Alien Bear Scarf

Prepare to be tantelized by tales of super-bears hybrids posing as Yetis, alien life residing just on the cusp of our dear planet's atmosphere, and just how far one man is willing to run before he finishes his knitted scarf. We're also joined by special guest, Ulisses Gonsalves, known for his role as Roland in the Psycho Jellyfish original series, Highwaymen.

Undead Cricket

Prepare for Flapdoodles! Matt steals the story Lucas picked out, leaving the two with no choice but to settle their differences with a cricket fight in an attempt to revoke their death certificates.

Jetpack Clown

Quick everyone, put on your jetpacks, we need to escape the scary British clowns!

The Infertile Mystery Man

Mystery and intrigue abound in this round of flapdoodles! The implications of a medical breakthrough are pondered, and a mystery man is on the loose in a forest not near you. Don't miss out on the craziness!

Regenerative Tube

Science wows the world once again as hearts are made to order, teeth are grown from urine, and tubes rocket passengers to far off reaches of the country!

Psychic Head Transplant

Heads are swapped and bodies are found in this psychic filled episode!

Hitler in North Korea

Matt and Luke solo episode in which the two discuss the absurdity of Hitler being associated with superheros and those wascally shenanigans of North Korea are up to again.