Lucky LSD Salad

Join us for a wild ride as we discuss the finer points of defying death on multiple occasions, marinating your steaks in LSD, and making sure you find the hidden bird leg in your salad.

Ghostly Potato

What starts off as an article on the most haunted island in the world quickly becomes a discussion on the ghostly experiences of Matt and Lucas as they share paranormal stories from their past, oh, and a guy robs a store with a potato

Brain Regenerator

Traumatic brain injuries reveal hidden talents, and science will make your organs like new again on this episode!

13 McFlurries

Throw superstition out the window by forming a club to prove that you have nothing to fear from anyone angry over their McFlurry

Suicide Rocket Gun and Chocolate Record

Don't be putting that gun in your pants now, it's gone and joined a suicide club as fast as a rocket! But if that made you depressed, try a delicious chocolate record

Dwarf Cat

On another Josh Gatesless episode of Flapdoodle Forum, our dearest hosts get to the down and dirty deeds of making up outlandish excuses for driving well underage, or the horrors of a man who adopts cats just to satisfy his appetite

The Banana Show

Grab the remote and turn on the tv! There's a AK-47 toting Banana showing all the world the best way to eat food. Don't miss the show!

Flatulent Goblin Chipper

What happens when you put a goblin in a woodchipper? Well, farts of course!

Wifi Duck Nerves

It's a special episode today as Matt and Lucas are joined by actor Travis Richey! The three show their concern for deceased rubber ducks, marvel at the advancements in brain science, and contemplate the future as wifi is used to detect movement! 

Magic Robots

Do you know the signs you may be dealing with a cursed coconut? Do you know how the tell tale signs your friendly telemarketer is a robot or not? The Flapdoodle gang is here to help.