Double Ghosts

Sometimes you just need more than one ghost story, and we're here to provide! Whether it be spectral children with demonic eyes or news hating ghouls, we'll discuss it all. 

Other Mentions: standup, Bizarre States, the early Internet and AOL, Nationstates, and Destination Truth. 

Vascular Anaconda

Sometimes you just need to talk about how some people want to be eaten by snakes, while others just want to grow some veins

Other Mentions: Bizarre States, Josh Gates, reverse aging treatment.

Seastar Fusion

There's many a weird thing in the ocean, but have you seen anything as unusual as the brittlestar lately? Or perhaps, has it crossed your mind that we might be on the verge of perfecting fusion as an energy source? That and more on this week's episode of Flapdoodle Forum!

Other Mentions: Taco ExpressBizarre States, Josh Gates, Fact or Faked, streetcar conscpiracy, US overthrow conspiracy, contacting ET, The Great Filter. 

Call of Duty: Modern Immortal

Two men must rise to the occasion to discuss all that is weird and fascinating in the world. This week our intrepid heroes look at how our government is turning to Call of Duty writers and other creatives to predict potential world turmoil. In other parts of the globe scientist may have stumbled on to the key to never aging

Other Mentions: Bizarre States, Josh Gates, Stumble Upon, Hong Kong protests, Tiananmen Square, Taco Express, cancer. 

The Higgs Cellphone Brain

Matt and Lucas have a special guest tonight in the form of The Highwaymen's own Ulisses Gonsalves! No time is wasted here as the trio forges ahead with discussions about mysterious cellphone tapping towers, warnings from a genius, and just how flexible is a brain missing its cerebellum?

Other Mentions: Alien Bear Scarf, plankton on the Internation Space Station, black holes, Taco Express, Lost Radio

Solar Robot Hologram

We've got a special guest this episode! Lost Radio's own Jason Gagnon hops on board to speculate about the interesting and weird! This week we've got roads paved in solar rays, an internet powered robobrain, and solving that one pesky questions, are we in a hologram

Other Mentions: Lost Radio, Tea Time with Zanzabar, Bizarre States, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mass Effet, Retron 3, game cartridges, and Last Coin at the Arcade

The Elderly Extraterrestrial

Did you think we were all out of alien stories to share, well think again! Matt brings in a pair of articles fresh off the Internet discussing a crowd sourced search for alien artifacts on the moon and an unusual image that appears to show a person standing on it. But not to be outdone, Lucas wraps things up nicely with a fun article about long lived animals

Other Mentions: Bizarre States, Matt's experience with Air B&B, the crowdsourced campaign to find the missing Malaysian Airlines jet, 9/11 Devil Face, Travis Richie's Oprah Cup Sleeves video, Jeane Clement the oldest person who ever lived, and the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Black Hole Fruit Tree

We dive into the big picutre questions this week. Matt brings along the theory black holes and white holes are one and the same, while Lucas shares a story about grafting different types of fruit to one tree which totally gets off topic. That's Flapdoodle for yeah!

Other Mentions: Bizarre States Josh Gates, the expansions of the Universe, Epic Rap Battles of History, fruit development, over fishing, animal self-awareness, dinosaurs. 

Sinus Painkillers for Cannibals

Dave's joining Matt and Lucas to discuss a little about nose's growing where they shouldn't be, powerful painkillers sitting in your mouth, and the morbid use of human remains

Other Mentions: Bizarre States, Eternal Evil, Josh Gates, Scare Tactics, The 8th Doctor Adventures, Edward Mordrake, Myo Armband, Dane Cook, Supplements, Kiether Richards

Reincarnated Laws

WE'RE BACK!! We've got new place and a new episode! Matt shares a little article about a three year old boy who claims to be the a reincarnated murder victim, while Lucas lists off a series of bizarre laws governing the paranormal