Wheels on Meals [+Black Angel & Mad Max Fury Road]

Duped into viewing this horrendously dubbed early Jackie Chan comedy we quickly move on to discussing more interesting and worthwhile subjects. Never again to set Wheels on Meals!

This Week's Topic: Dubbing Comedy!

Other Movies Mentioned: Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back/ Skyfall/ Bladerunner/ Frankenstein (1931)/ Army of Darkness/ Lord of the Rings (franchise)/ Willow/ Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi/ MAD MAX: FURY ROAD/ The Dark Crystal/ Mad Max (franchise)

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: The Room/ Snowpiercer/ Ong-bak/ Metropolis

If the link is still active (it should be till the first of June) then you can see Black Angel HERE!

Check out behind the scenes footage for Mad Max Fury Road right HERE!

See how the Mad Max franchise influenced the video game series Fallout right HERE!

If you missed it last week, then see Lucas' hilarious "Butter" video right HERE!

Next Week: Ip Man!