Turkish Star Wars

Sometime you watch a movie and think, "I swear I've seen that footage somewhere before?" or "Haven't I heard this score in something else?" Yes, the movie world has a long and interesting history reusing elements from other films. Sometimes great care is taken to mask these element so the audience doesn't notice, but then there are those special few who don't seem to care at all. With The Force Awakens just on the horizon we felt it was time to return to a So-Bad-It's-Good movie which brazen takes from the biggest movies of all time. An obscure, low-budget classic known as Turkish Star Wars

This Week's Topic: Be Imaginative, But Don't Rely On Imagination!

References To Past Shows: Salvaging The Star Wars Prequels / Dungeons and Dragons / Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet/Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women / Plan 9 From Outer Space / The Room / Terror At The Red Wolf Inn / Idaho Transfer /Atomic Rulers Of The World / Embryo

Ckeck out the filmmusic trailer HERE and find the whole movie subtitled HERE!

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