The Star Wars Holiday Special

A long time ago in a galaxy far outside of continuity... 



Following the events of A New Hope, Han Solo and Chewbacca travel to the empire occupied 

wookie homeworld to meet up with Chewbacca's family for the celebration of "Life Day". Originally

aired on CBS as a Chistmas Special to fulfill fan hunger for more Star Wars content, but with limited

creative imput from George Lucas, it became a half improvised series of disconnected segments.

Unfortunate, laughable, and largely inexplicable, it stands as an example of a time before The Empire

Strikes Back established a connected universe, when any number of random things were thrown together

to make it look otherworldly and spacey. Movie explorers wondering what value might lie in uncovering

this epic misadventure may find enlightenment here! Listen in...

This Week's Topic: Cannon, Legend, And Confusion In A Connected Universe!

References To Past Shows: Heavy Metal / Battle Beyond The Stars / Star Odyssey / Turkish Star Wars

See this silly special HERE and the animated segment HERE!

Next Week: The Black Hole!