Planet of the Vampires

A planet of death where spectral entities possess the bodies of the living and the dead. A crew of astronauts compelled against their will to kill each other. Death has reigned a long time on this world, claiming all that came near, but now it's looking to escape! What is this Astrological-Horror brought into vivid, nightmarish existence by Italian master of the macbre, Mario Bava? Can anything survive but evil incarnate? Listen now to find out! You've just bought a one way ticket to Planet of the Vampires!

This Week's Topic: One of These Things is a Lot like the Other!

References To Past Shows: The Day the Sky Exploded / Black Sunday / Hercules in the Haunted World / The Manster / The Nightmare Never Ends / The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari / Nosferatu / Metropolis / The Doomsday Machine / They / Warriors of the Wasteland / White Pongo

Next Week: It! The Terror From Beyond Space!