With Special Guest: Matt Buckley!

Matt return to broaden our perspective on the Martial arts genre as we dropkick into the modern classic Ong-bak!

This Week's Topic: MacGuffin Device Tropes: The High Kicking Education Continues!

Other Movies Mentioned: Pitch Perfect 2/ Furious 7 / The Fast and the Furious (franchise)/ Expendables (franchise)/ Crank (franchise)/ Rumble in the Bronx/ The Bourne (franchise)/ Oldboy/ The Maltese Falcon/ The 39 Steps/ Kill Bill/ Batman Begins/ Citizen Kane/ 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag/ Observe and Report/ Brazil/ Monty Python's Holy Grail/ The Protector/ The Quiet Man/ Zardoz/ Speed/ Die Hard/ Ong-Bak (franchise)/ The Blues Brothers

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: Master of the Flying Guillotine

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Next Week: Wheels on Meals!