Mr Wong In Chinatown

An earfull of laughs and death await you as we cover Mr. Wong In Chinatown. Long before Jack Nicholson's '70s noire masterpiece, a horror icon put on a lot of make up and sat in the background as other characters ran around trying to solve a mystery. Surprisingly, as opposed to the previously mentioned flick, this movie lacks any scene of women getting slapped around. Enjoy!

This Week's Topic: Unexpected Restraint (Not as Racist or Sexist as one might think!)

We Also Discuss: STUFF WE'VE DONE!!!

Other Talking Points Include: Frankenstein, Tin Tin, Agatha Christie, Wolverine, Laurel and Hardy, The Munsters, Rob Zombie, Mario Bava, A Trip to the Moon, Star Wars, and Elvis.

References to Past Episodes Include: The Lost City, Shadow Over Chinatown, The Day The Sky Exploded, and Black Sunday.

You can watch this movie on NETFLIX or right HERE!