I Don't Care, I Love That Movie

With Special Guest: Aaron Spadaro!


The credits roll and the lights come up as you sit there with a big smile on your face. Then you hear something strange. Grumbling, unsatisfied voices surround you. What could be wrong? Surely they saw the same movie you did. Or did they? No, you haven't slipped into The Twilight Zone, you've simply found an appreciation for a movie others find no value in. How could this be? you ask yourself. You may even be afraid to mention your appreciation for this film to friends or family member, lest you face their glaring, bewildered eyes and compulsory ridicule. Well, fear no more Jellyheads, for you are not alone! We understand! We are hear to say what you cannot! Hear our words so that you too may find the courage to get up and shout, "I Don't Care, I Love That Movie!"

This Week's Topic: Star Wars Prequels, Jurassic Park Sequels, Grindhouse, and Joe Versus the Volcano!


Other Movies Mentioned: Pulp Fiction/ Snakes on a Plane/ King Kong/ Transformers (Franchise)/ You've Got Mail/ Sleepless in Seattle/ Alien/ Aliens/ Once Upon a Time in the West/ The Fast and the Furious (Franchise)/ Friday the 13th (Franchise)/ Death Wish/ Captain Ron/ Vanishing Point/ Reservoir Dogs


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