Fly Away Home

Don't be confused by the poster, this isn't E.T., so put down the Resse's Pieces because we're not phoning home and don't wave your finger at me. This is a movie about geese, a little girl who lost her mom and had to move to Canada with her loser father, and an a strangly unreasonable forest ranger dead set on crushing their dreams. Why? Because you gotta fight the system! Even if you have a decently compelling personal drama you can't ease up on oppresssive forces like your local forest ranger, and maybe, I don't know, a guy who wants to build a hotel in a swamp. They can't keep us down. Like birds we are meant to be free. Free to fly and... other stuff! And if it gets cold we'll fly someplace warm, and call that home! We'll... Fly Away Home!

Next Week: The Giant Claw!