Dungeons and Dragons

With Special Guest: John Armitage!

You roll the dice to begin your adventure. But from behind you you hear a strange hissing cackle. Turning around you see Jeremy Irons dressed in a red cloak. Taking your dice from the table he places a dvd in front of you and screams, "YOU CAN PLAY IF YOU WANT, PRINCESS, BUT YOU'LL NEVER HAVE AN ADVENTURE QUITE LIKE THIS!" More than a little unsettled wondering how Jeremy Irons got into your house and why he's screaming at you, your eyes fall to the cover of the dvd. "Oh, no!" you exclaim. "It's Dungeons and Dragons!" 

This Week's Topic: Generic Fantasies of Better Movies!

Other Movies Mentioned: Super Mario Bros./ Aladdin/ Star Wars (franchise)/ Gamers/ Battleship/ Mortal Kombat/ Avatar/ Indiana Jones (franchise)/ Battlefield Earth

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