Battle Beyond the Stars

Giddy up into space with a cast full of colorful characters caught up in a Battle Beyond the Stars! YEEEHAAA!!!

This Weeks Topic: The Roger Corman School of Filmmaking!

Other Talking Points Incude: STAR WARS, STAR WARS, STARS, Stan Lee, Jaws, James Cameron, Jack Nicholson, Dementia 13, William Castle, Martain Scorsese, Mass Effect, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, Peter Cushing, G. I. Joe, Captain Planet, Power Rangers, The A-Team, Brett Favre, Firefly, Starship Troopers, Galaxy of Terror, Vincient Price, Monty Python, Scanners, and STAR WARS, STAR WARS, STAR WARS!!!

Refenences to Past Shows Include: House on Haunted Hill, and Last Coin at the Arcade: Robopon!

As of Now you can see this on Netflix Instant Watch or you can check it out right HERE!