The Babadook

Have you been depressed for, oh say, the past 6 years? Somewhere in that time you decided to paint everything in your house grey, which might not have helped. Seems like they only play silent movies when you're watching TV. This is what happens when you don't feed The Babadook!

This Week's Topic: Meanings and Metaphors and Messages!

Other Movies Mentioned: Halloween (franchise)/ Footloose/ District 9/ Poltergeist/ Avengers: Age of Ultron/ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)/ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2/ The Thing/ The Shining/ Let the Right One In/ Rosemary's Baby/ Dawn of the Dead (1978)/ Home Alone/ Bye Bye Birdie/ Scream (franchise)/ Evil Dead/ The Exorcist/ The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari/ Edward Scissorhands/ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/ Creepshow/ Alien/ The Descent/ The Exorcism of Emily Rose/ Enter the Dragon/ The Street Fighter (1974)/ Return of the Street Fighter/ Crippled Masters/ Ong-bak (franchise)/ Ip Man (franchise)/ Oldboy/ John Wick

Movies Mentioned From Our Past Reviews: John Dies at the End/ Evil Dead II/ The Killer Shrews

Next Week: Master of the Flying Guillotine!