The 2017 Oscars

We Arrived to 2016 wanting to Sing the praises of La La Land when a Civil War broke out and by the Dawn of Justice we were ready to call in the Suicide Squad. We went Rogue at Hacksaw Ridge, caught up with Captain Fantastic and did some Moonlighting in Zootopia. Ended up skipping the Sausage Party and had a better time with The Nice Guys while Strange Doctors Found Dory and discovered The Secret Life of Pets. We took a Trek Beyond The Jungle Book and even gave Fantastic Beasts a look, but Ben-Hur had already been there and left Sully crying Hail, Caesar in the Deadpool. From The Shallows to the Deepwater Horizon we asked “Why Him?” and even The Magnificent 7 couldn’t Purge this Election Year. So Kubo gave his Two Strings to the BFG to direct the Passengers to 10 Cloverfield Lane where they could finally find some Silence. Still, it always Hurt’s to say goodbye.

References to Past Shows: Alien / Snowpiercer / Equilibrium

Next Week: Raising Arizona