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Flapdoodle Forum Hits the iTunes Store!

Flapdoodle Forum joins the ranks of our podcasts available on iTunes! If you're a fan of weird news, head to the store right now and subscribe! And please, leave us reviews!

No U-Turns at the Drive-In on iTunes!

Hey Jellycasters! We have good news on the iTunes front. No U-Turns at the Drive-In is now available at the iTunes store. So if you enjoy the show, please, give us your reviews! 

Last Coin at the Arcade to Premiere Next Week!

This Thursday brought you Flapdoodle Forum, but next week will be the premiere of its alternating Thursday show, Last Coin at the Arcade! Lucas Wilson and Kaye Norton share with the audience their insight into some of the worst video games out there. If you enjoy No U-Turns at the Drive-In and playing games, this may be a show for you! Next Thursday around 8:00 pm!

Flapdoodle Forum on the Way!

Hey folks! I just wanted to give all you jellycasters a heads up on our new show. It will be making its premiere here on the website May 31st around 8:00 pm. It's a bi-weekly discussion of weird news found on the web, hosted by Matthew Buckley and myself, with occasional guest appearances. So mark the date on your calendar!