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Lost Radio now on iTunes!

Hey Jellyheads! For the Lost Radio fans out there you can now subscribe to the show via the iTunes store! Please rate and review!

Last Coin Delayed to Saturday

Sorry jellyheads, but Last Coin will be delayed until Saturday. Due to illness and scheduling conflicts, the episode can't be recorded and edited on time. Thank you for your patience! 

Top 10 Craziest Movie Moments of Season 1

The Jellyfish is Now on Stitcher!

Hey Jellyland! All our current Psycho Jellyfish podcasts are now available on! If iTunes isn't your thing, then perhaps a podcast app like Stitcher is.

Last Coin Delayed a Week.

Sorry fans of the Psycho Jellyfish. We're going to need to delay the next episode of Last Coin to next week. Work on the Highwaymen has taken precedence over today's scheduled programming. We'll be back next week!