S6E24 - Dutch Paddle

Spotlight games of the week: Heat Signature / Divinity 2

Hope you're not sick of our titles yet, because we're talking a little more on Destiny 2, how rediculous the harddrive space games take up these days is, some Halo look back, and a short discussion of IT.

S6E23 - Prok Loins On Sale

Spotlight games of the week: Destiny 2 / Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

We have fun discussing the details of Bungie and Nintendo's new releases, and take time to talk about Magic the Gathering Arena and the winner of this year's Spiel des Jahres; Kingdomino.

S6E22 - Ruminations On Cheesy Tots

Spotlight games of the week: Grim Dawn / Sonic Mania

Besides answering the ever anticipated question: are Burger King's cheesy tots good? We debate PUBG, philosophize over Target's board game selection, and ponder the dangers of microtransactions.

S6E21 - Gas In The Tank 2

Spotlight games of the week: No Man's Sky / The Long Dark

Sometimes adding updates or new content to a floundering game can pull it back from the brink, or bring something new to an already established brand. We're here to tell you how that didn't work out so well for these games. 

S6E20 - Secret Pinball Arcades

Spotlight games of the week: Scythe / Splatoon 2 / What Remains of Edith Finch / Space Cowboy / Cogs

We went to Boston and found a secret arcade, then came home and spent hours over 2016's board game of the year!

S6E19 - Dry Humor

Spotlight games of the week: Dead Cells / Pyre / Star Craft II

We reminisce about the old Star Craft II pro scene as bubbles of dry ice soothe us through the episode.

S6E18 - Stand Up and Shout!

Spotlight games of the week: Card Crawl / Lethis: Path of Progress / The End is Nigh

We can't control the excitement! Sometimes you just need to proclaim something! Or nothing. That's okay too. Just shout. Or whatever you want. It's cool.

S6E17 - Player Unknown's: Populous Rift

Prices are a droppin' and unknown's a callin'! Where is Oculus going to fit in competition as it gets sqeezed from both ends by Sony and HTC? How does PUBG stack up with its competition? And Summer Games Done Quck just ended! Did you tune in? We sure did!

Spotlight games of the week: Rift Reduction / Player Unknown's: Battleground / Thumper

S6E16 - Ever Rotating Cast of Characters

Julie comes to our rescue and gets us to chat on about a plethora of games!

Spotlight games of the week: Pokemon Go / Darkest Dungeon / Transitor / Them's Fightin' Herds

S6E15 - E3 2017

E3 2017 almost snuck up on us this year! We recap and muse on this year's showcases from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda!

Spotlight games of the week: None this week.