Flash Gordon (1936 serial)

A long time ago from the pages of a comic strip came Flash Gordon! A fast paced thrill ride of spaceships, monsters, princesses and an evil emperor. Sound familiar? It should, because it had a big influence on a little indie picture you may have heard of called Star Wars! Listen and you will hear the astonishment in our voices at how much of Flash Gordon is in Star Wars - Or is that how much Star Wars is in Flash Gordon?


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Road to Singapore

We set sail into waters deeper than the content of this movie would merit! They say that getting there is half the journey, well let's skip that part and get to the there part. Bob and Bing keep things lively as the run away from their worries as well as the narrative on the Road to Singapore!

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The Haunting

You may not believe in The Haunting, but you cannot deny this podcast! Lock your doors, bolt your windows, turn on every light in the house, but it still won't save you from the unseen terrror of our voices discusing the 1963 classic from master filmmaker Robert Wise. We even share a tale or two of our own personal spooky experiences along the way. Don't listen to this one alone! 

Doomed to Die

As authentically Chinese as the Kung Pow chicken at your local mall, it's the great detective, Mr. Wong! So get yourself a bowl of pork fried rice and listen to us chew the fat on an 80 year old wave of Americanized Oriental Investigators. Funny how Hollywood used to have white actors play different ethnicities. Glad we don't do that anymore, right? Don't get us wrong, we love all the weirdness of Wong, and looking back on the hows and whys of how this trend became popularised is some particularly fascinating insight you don't want to miss out on. For better or worse the yellow faced detective has gone the way of the dodo, I guess some fads are Doomed to Die

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The Golden Bat

The skeleton is the hero, the scientists are soldiers, the drill has sunglasses, we don't know who the main character is, and the bad guy is in his pajamas. Oh, and it's Japanese.

This predecessor to what we know in the states as Power Rangers sets its plot on the roof of its, hits the gas, and never looks back.  As far as we can tell there's no reason for the title character to be in the movie, but there he is like a reget from a heavy metal album cover that wouldn't exist for another decade at least. Because what kid doesn't want to see a laughing skeleton that kicks butts. We've dug up and present to you, our dear listeners, The Golden Bat

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The Giant Claw

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flying battleship! No, it's the most infamously terrible giant monster of the atomic age! Hey, as we here at No U-Turns see it when you fail this spectacularly you deserve some sort of accolade. So lets dig deep into how this massive turkey got off the ground and do our best to give a big hand to The Giant Claw!

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Fly Away Home

Don't be confused by the poster, this isn't E.T., so put down the Resse's Pieces because we're not phoning home and don't wave your finger at me. This is a movie about geese, a little girl who lost her mom and had to move to Canada with her loser father, and an a strangly unreasonable forest ranger dead set on crushing their dreams. Why? Because you gotta fight the system! Even if you have a decently compelling personal drama you can't ease up on oppresssive forces like your local forest ranger, and maybe, I don't know, a guy who wants to build a hotel in a swamp. They can't keep us down. Like birds we are meant to be free. Free to fly and... other stuff! And if it gets cold we'll fly someplace warm, and call that home! We'll... Fly Away Home!

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We can't get enough of talking animal movies, and this one has more than just "some pig." A modern classic of the family film genre which is in a class of its own, and also a universe of its own! Kinda like the Twilight Zone, but a bit more whimsical. We know what we're talking about, Babe

References to Past Shows: Lady and the Tramp / Homeward Bound / The Matrix / Creepshow

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Leprechaun 3

Warwick Davis is back in the green makeup and raising the stakes on mischief and murder in glitzy Las Vegas! As much fear and loathing as anyone could hope to find in this straight to video classic of '95. If you still have enough fingers and toes to count past 2 you just might make it through Leprechaun 3!

References to Past Shows: Leprechaun / Leprechaun 2 / Labyrinth / Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace / Alien / Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

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Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

I hope all you stunt cats  are ready for a dip into the stream of conciousness as we dredge up even more nostalgic memories. From this heartwarming family classic we find connections to everything fromTwin Peaks to 9/11, and, if we don't come down with a bad case of Casper Syndrome, who knows what else? Whatever directions we may wander off rest assured we are always Homeward Bound!

References to Past Shows: The Land Before Time / Lady and the Tramp / Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler / The Star Wars Holiday Special / MMPR: The Movie / Embryo / Alien

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