Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

With Special Guests Matt Allegretti and Anthony Castoria!

The latest chapter in the epic saga has struck the world, leaving some fans fiercely divided. Our 4 voices offer a multifaceted look at the film's strength and weakness, as well as discuss what it means in terms of the past and future of the franchise. Is this the beginning of something new, or is it The Last Jedi?

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The Last Jedi Anticipations!

Before The Last Jedi was released to the world we fans spent a lot of time sitting around and wondering what it could be. Trailers and rumors gave us hints, but until we took our seats the possibilities flooded our imaginations. No matter what you thought when you saw the film, this was an exciting time to be a Star Wars, and it should be remembered. So, on the eve of its release we sat down to record our thoughts and, effectively, put that into a time capsule. What did we get right, what surprises did we have in store, did Lucas read too many spoilers? This is the one we've been waiting for.

*Dave would like to apologize for the quality of his mic, this was an impromptu recording and he had lent his usual setup to friends.

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The Ladykillers (1955)

Things don't always go as planned in this classic British farce with a brilliant cast of caricature characters. They may not be the prettiest bunch, but they certainly are The Ladykillers!

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Dick Tracy

With Special Guests Evan Jones and Laura Graver!

The heavily stylized live action comic book that wet our young appetites for Film Noir may be a bit clumsey at times, but still holds up as a fascinating production. Other podcasters beware when we're on the case with Dick Tracy!

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It's Noirvember, and if you were born in the 1980s like we were then the movie that probably introduced you to the elements of Noir was Tim Burton's heavily stylized Batman! Still a resonating work of comic book fantasy brought to life, it reinvented the character in the public mind and also established the groundwork for what was to come a dacade later. A true landmark of cinema and comic book history.

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With Spacial Returning Guest Sarah Hartman!

It's a Halloween Hangover as we sink our fangs into Bela Lugosi's most iconic role! As the curtain fell on silent cinema an eerie creaking coffin lid announced the rise of a new horror on the silver screen who would set the stage for all children of the night to follow. He's been remade an Untold number of times, more than any other single monster, and yet the original still has more bite than most of them. We bid you welcome to the legend of Dracula!

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White Zombie

With Special Guest Kyle Kleege!

Nowadays you throw a rock and you'll hit a Zombie, but back in 1932 there was only one Zombie movie, and it featured a very diferent Zombie from what we know today. Here Bela Lugosi is the wielder of dark magics that bring the dead to life to do his bidding. This lurid low budget offering was to films like Dracula or Frankenstein what the pulp magazines of the time were to literature. Get out your shovels, kiddies, cause we're digging into some Pre-code Hollywood Horrors to showcase how not-so-quaint these old timey flicks really were. You'll be so shocked you'll turn into a White Zombie!

Next Week it's a Halloween Hangover, cause we're back with Bela in the classic Dracula!


Based on appearances alone this is a story where H.P. Lovecraft arrives at an inn and is visited in the night by FDR, who warns him something strange is going on before getting murdered by Albert Einstein. Ghosts, Vampires, murder, all presented through an autuers whimsical nightmare. Filmmaking that still rings true as innovative today. The most surreal adaption of Bram Stoker's Dracula isn't Coppola's, it's Dreyer's Vampyr!

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The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Who would've guessed that spending a night in a spooky mansion wasn't half your troubles, or even half the movie? Believe it or Knotts this trick or treat plot is about as shakey as it's lead actor. Does it hold together on good vibrations, or tumble like a haunted house of cards? You will be judge and jury when you meet The Ghost and Mr. Chicken!

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We discuss Inspiration, what makes the original film Original, Character Introductions then to now, and why Peter Cushing plays such a great villian. We finally did it, we're talking about STAR WARS!

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