The Monolith Monsters & Kronos

Part XIV in our Classic Sci-Fi series!

Another Double Feature of Gigantic Proportions! These low budget sci-fi potboilers that kept the back burners simmering as the cycle was winding down to a close feel closer to disaster films than monster movies. Perhaps they belong to a strange subset of gerne that should be classified as "Unnatural Disaster" films! Think of the unexplored potential hidden in these near forgotten classics, just waiting for energetic new filmmakers to exploit! BTW, check out the baby carriage in the poster for Monolith Monsters. Somebody had Battleship Potemkin on their mind. And if you didn't get enough of him in the Giant Claw, Jeff Morrow is back with a big boner in Kronos! (That will make sense when you listen to the show)

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The Monster That Challenged The World & The Black Scorpion

Part XIII in our Classic Sci-Fi series!

A Double Featrure of oversized creepy crawlies! The descendants of THEM! show the proportional strength and occasional bugs in the formula. First up is a strange tale with an even stranger creature and the strangest side characters you're likely run into in The Monster That Challenged The World! Then we get another dose of excellent stop motion from the man who created KING KONG with The Black Scorpion!

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Blow Out

Feeling a bit obsessed? We brought them on to discuss De Palma for Sisters, now Evan Jones and Matt Allegretti are back in the sound booth to scream about Blow Out! It's a good scream. It's a good scream.

Next Up is a Science Fiction Double Feature with The Monster that Challenged the World and The Black Scorpion!


Part XII in our Classic Sci-Fi series!

Out in the desert sands there's a crime being committed. The body count is rising. But this is no maniac on the loose, it's something truly monsterous! This is what happens when you make a monster movie in the style of a procedural crime story. This is THEM!

Next Up we take a break from 50s Sci-Fi to have some friends return to the show to discuss Brian De Palma's BLOW OUT!

20 Million Miles to Earth

Part XI in our Classic Sci-Fi series!

We wrap up our Ray Harryhausen highlights with one of his more interesting creations in his 1950s "Destruction" series. The Ymir holds the distinction of being in the top ten Original Monsters of the era, that is to say it's not simply a dinosaur or giant insect. It manages to mingle great atmosphere and mystery for it's first act, yet as the film goes on it becomes a more predictable and by-the-numbers monster fare. Does it still hold up and, more intriguingly, does it deserve a remake? How far have we come from 20 Million Miles to Earth!

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It Came from Beneath the Sea

Part X in our Classic Sci-fi Series! 

Tenticles terrorize citizens as audiences are tortured by terrible troglodyte diatribes! It can't be helped by the efforts of Ray Harryhausen! There's no reason why It Came from Beneath the Sea!

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The Beast From 20000 Fathoms

Part IX in our Classic Sci-Fi series!

20 years after King Kong came out of the jungle, before Godzilla breathed atomic rays on Tokyo, there was The Beast From 20000 Fathoms! The 1st in a dawning age of atomic monsters was given incredible life by artist and animator Ray Harryhausen in the film that ignited his career. 

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Part 8 in our Classic Sci-fi series!

Do you ever feel tired? Anxious? Lonely? Irritable? Lustful? Depressed? Ambitious? Weary? Hopeful? Lost? Let it all go. Embrace the Pod. You too can know the simplistic bliss of not wanting for anything, because, as a Pod, you'll feel nothing at all. Don't go on suffering from emotions that build you up just to let you down. WE'RE HERE! YOU'RE NEXT! Listen to our Podcast and you will begin to understand the benefits of Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

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Leprechaun 4: In Space

Our Annual Misadventure Continues!

Never ask if tings can get worse, the answer is always yes, and they will. For a series that didn't have much creative integrity to begin with they still managed to find yet a deeper bottom to their barrel. As horror franchises go it's almost inevitable that they take their monster into the final frontier. How? Why? These are only some of the questions you'd naturally ask that this film does nothing to answer. Happy St. Patricks Day Jellyheads, it's Leprechaun 4: In Space.

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The Thing from Another World

Part 7 in our Classic Sci-Fi series!

An action packed arctic adventure awaits! See an extraterrestrial menace frozen in ice, shot, attacked by dogs, cut up with an axe, set on fire, and come back for more! The only thing more fast and furious than the action is the actors dialog. This film is a true precursor to modern lore that still holds up as solidly entertaining on its own. It may be a plant monster, but it isn't Swamp Thing, or Man-Thing, it's The Thing from Another World!

Next week we diverge on our annual hollidy viewing with Leprechaun 4: In Space!

Next up in our Classic Sci-Fi series: Invasion of the Body Snatchers!