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Dave's Movie Hall of Fame: July '17


It Happened One Night (1934)

It did.

I was up sick and there wasn’t anything on at that hour for a kid, so Mom put on TCM. It wasn’t The Stooges, but I gave it a shot. Soon Mom and I were laughing, totally engaged with these characters and their absurd plight. I forgot I was sick.

I often dismiss romantic comedies. It’s rare these days, but they can be great. I always smile when I think of this one.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Dave's Movie Hall of Fame: June '17

Night on Bald Mountain, Fantasia, Disney

Frankenstein (1931)

I have Boris Karloff’s Monster tattooed on my leg.

The Monster’s the ultimate misfit. The idea of being persecuted for being different is exemplified perfectly and purely in Karloff’s performance.

I never found The Monster scary because I related to him. In my struggles to express myself, the fears I faced, I could always think of The Monster as a friend.

What's Dave Watching? - On Dangerous Ground

Noir, Classic Movies, 1950s Movies

On Dangerous Ground (1951)

Directed by Nicholas Ray and uncredited Ida Lupino

Written by A. I. Bezzerides from a novel by Gerald Butler

Starring Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan, Ward Bond, Charles Kemper, Ed Begley, and Sumner Williams


What's Dave Watching? - And Then There Were None

Mystery, Agatha Christie, Adaptations, Forgotten Classics

And Then There Were None (1945)

Directed by Renè Clair

Witten by Dudley Nichols from a novel by Agatha Christie

Starring Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Huston, Louis Hayward, Roland Young, June Duprez, Mischa Auer, C. Aubrey Smith, Judith Anderson, Richard Haydn, and Queenie Leonard


What's Dave Watching? - Mystery House

Mystery, Classic Films, Camp

Mystery House (1939)

Directed by Noel M. Smith

Written by Sherman L. Lowe and Robertson White from a novel by Mignon G. Eberhart

Starring Dick Purcell, Ann Sheridan, Anne Nagel, Elspeth Dudgeon, William Hopper, Anthony Averill, Hugh O’Connell, and Shelia Bromley